I'd appreciate some insight on what my mother claims was said at assembly

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  • Frank75

    I buy it that something to that effect was said, but I don't buy that anything has changed with the dubs and preaching. 8 or 9 years ago the assemblies, circuit and special, as well as Pioneer meetings had parts with presentations and experiences that all referred to the preaching as a "gleaning" work because of the rarity of bible studies.

    This word "gleaning" took hold for about a year with lots of speculation amongst those who actually listen and take notes (LOL) as an indication that the "work" was slowing. Then we had a zone visit with a hard hitting talk that dispelled the rumors. Something to the effect of "we are in the center of the harvest, great influx of new ones" etc etc.

    So if this information is true, that is likely part of the spin here. Dub elders can say whatever they want up there. We have all seen it and heard it happen. You will never hear a retraction and any damage control will be behind the scenes. There is also the aspect of doing crap like this just to get a reaction from the rank and file. They love twisting everyone up in knots, CO's, DO's & elders especially.


  • seesthesky

    yer mom sounds smart as a sack of potatoes - she should take ginko

  • Rabbit

    My Ex just went to Pioneer School a couple of months ago, so I doubt the WTS is going to "Stop the Preaching work."

    Besides...The "JW identity" IS knocking on people's doors...WHAT ELSE WOULD THEY DO ? Help the poor ? Build hospitals ? Become a charity ? Not gonna happen !

    They would have even more spare time to spend on "worldly pursuits" and of course...the almighty -- internet !


  • orangefatcat

    This is my feeling on this matter. I do believe with all my heart that if this statement was in fact true, wouldn't the Society have made this known the world over at the same time like a world wide announcement.??? Lets face it.. preaching is one of the most fundemendal teachings of the WTS. and JWs have been pounding the beat for well over 100years. If the Society made some kind of comment that the work was slowing down it would be one of their tactics to keep the wintesses in line and obedient to its motherly Organization namely the GBs.

    Perhaps your mom may be somewhat like my mother. I am in no way insulting your mom or her intelligence. I find that when my mother hears things from the platform or something she has read in the magizaines she is very good at slightly turning the meaning into a major event in the congregation. I am suprised that she was never charged with going ahead of the organization

    She has always been this way. When 1975 was several years around the corner my mom would argue with anyone be its elders MS or COs that the end would be in 75. Her feelings were as what the bibile was saying regarding Noah and the ARk and the last days being compared to the end of this system of things.

    . Where it states that Noah and his families entered into the ark they were few in number namely eight. So the Society was always stating or claiming that in just a (few ) years that the Big A would be in1975, according to my mom and the Society. I think sometimes she felt she was a prophet. She was extemely combattant and fanatical in many ways.

    So accordingly my mother was 100 percent certain that the Organization and its GB make no mistakes. Wow she was in for a major let down like several other millions when that FEW YEARS . Lets see 1967 - 1975 (8) years was indeed a fiasco to say the least. Once again the Society puts a new twist on it and says new light has emerged. Bastards.

    I have scanned the back page of the Oct 1st WT mag. and it appears that the preaching work is still a mojor part of their teachings.

    I can eat crow if I am wrong.

    love Orangefatcat

  • freebird2000

    I know they love to talk about the days the preaching work will be over.I imagine there are many who would be very happy to see the end of f.s. I have nightmares of being back out there myself. I also believe that they keep the publishers busy buying as many books and mags as they can possibly afford so they have a good business without any outsiders business.

  • TMS

    If Jehovah's Witnesses or JW elders were instructed to reach out to DF'd, DA'd and inactive ones, the program would be a miserable failure. Elders have been instructed for a number of years now to yearly contact such individuals not knowingly hostile and lovingly invite them "back to Jehovah". I've known very few elders willing to make such calls. Any elder willing to make these visits can easily find all of these assignments dumped in his lap.

    When circuit overseers check to see if the program was followed through on, they are told how difficult it is to contact these persons. They are simply "not at home."

    As an elder, I made dozens of these calls, never encountering any rudeness. Nor did I find any desiring to return. While we were instructed not to "rehash the case", I did listen to a few tell their story. My response was a collection of the typical Watchtower platitudes.

    Today's "inactive" have much more information. A concerted effort to reach out to them could very well backfire.


  • lovelylil


    I totally agree. And those I know of who have been contacted have told the elders NO WAY am I going back to slavery to an organization. They will get the same response from me. Lilly

  • Sweetp0985

    are maybe they might feel that with all going on in the news that some may feel "special" that the elders are taking time out to call on them and "feel the love" and want to come back because times are bad with all the wars and stuff...

  • calico

    Is your mom usually that dramatic? She most like read more into what was being said--meditated on it and then took it out on you! She's most likely sincere--it's like playing telephone--the story gets bigger as it gets passed along! My mom does it, too! It can drive you nutty!

  • free2beme

    My mother wants a reason to scare us with and I think she thought this would. When it did not and actually found us using it to show all the more why the religion is desperate, I think she embelished. However, I still want to see what everyone says by the end of this fall.

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