Jeff Foxworthy....You might be an Apostate if.....

by Lady Liberty 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • catbert

    If you use the words Dub, Dubby, or JW, you are an Apostate.

  • Undecided

    If you are not controlled by the borg you are an apostate.

    Ken P.

  • mouthy

    If you HAVE one foot in the grave & realise YOU GOT OLD!!! &m you are having pain,tears,

  • mouthy

    And you have this on all your mail

  • zeroday

    If you actually believe what JW's taught as little as 12 years, you are an apostate....

  • Little Bo Peep
    Little Bo Peep

    If you celebrated your first birthday at 59.

    If you thought you'd be struck by lightening when you began questioning the Wt.

  • riverofdeceit

    I stole this from the other thread.

    "If you think C.O.C. has something to do with the Circuit Overseer...You might be a JW!"

    If you think C.O.C. has something to do with might be an apostate! Corrosion of Conformity. couldn't resist

  • crazyblondeb

    Going along with the Santa on top of the roof, If you decorate a kingdom hall with battery operated christmas lights and LOTS of tinsel, you are an apostate! (Did that once!)

    If you have the HLC thrown out of a hospital- twice, you are an apostate! (DID that, too!)

  • Forscher

    If you own a library card . . . you are going to be an apostate!
    That's me!!
    If you go to your Bible to find the answer to a bible question instead of the Watchtower... you are an apostate!!
    If you think Raymond Franz is anything other than another Jim might be an apsotate!

  • Seeker4

    If you Google "Jehovah's Witnesses" - and actually check out the links - you will be an apostate.

    If you can correctly explain the blood policy of Jehovah's Witnesses, you are an apostate.


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