Jeff Foxworthy....You might be an Apostate if.....

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  • Mrs.Congeniality

    if you have shirts that show cleavage or skirts above the knee

    if you would rather go to disney world rather than a convention

    if you sleep in on saturday morning

    if you join the YMCA (thats me)

    if you tell your kids they can now have b-day treats from the kids at school and they now can sing along and not have to leave the room

    if you have a life

    if you show up for a family reunion and you are the only ones that show up except immediate family (because everyone else is afraid you might talk to them about what you now know)

    if your kids are in sports

    if you sit around making jeff foxworthy jw jokes

    if you say a bad word out loud instead of just in your mind

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    "If you dare to steal the Elders 'Pay Attention To The Flock' book and post it for all to se on the Web....You might be an Apostate!"

    Hey Richie Rich..


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