Jeff Foxworthy....You might be a JW if....

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  • mouthy

    If you sit in a car full of JWS & watch a church burn down & laugh ( actually happened.

  • jayhawk1

    I don't know if this has been said yet,

    If you are having a bible study and you read a magazine instead of the bible, you might be a JW.

  • crazyblondeb

    Is this another thread, or am I imagining that I posted already????

    I just realized I was having a blonde moment. I had to delete what I posted. Wrong thread!!

  • juni

    You guys/gals have covered so many things already.

    How about you know you're a JW if: you have your eye on an expensive home that you and your family will inhabit after God's war.

    you're a JW if: a proper tip includes a piece of literature


  • lovelylil

    If you have a phobia of little blue men (smurfs) - you might be a JW.

    If you are in fear of falling asleep with the t.v. on cuz Satan may come thru it and possess you - you might be a JW

    If you run away in fear from a magician with a top hat and magic stick - you might be a jw.

  • mouthy

    If you didnt allow your kids to watch the Smurfs or "the Witch" or anything about any other religion. if you carried a small piece of paper with
    not homes
    back call
    bibles placed
    dont call

  • juni

    Hi Grace!

    You seem to be feeling pretty chipper! That's great.



  • Forscher
    If you think that a doobie is a type of dog . . . you might be a JW

    If you piss your pants/panties in fear everytime a janitor says "may I have a word with you?" You may be a JW!
    If you think that one hour a week in a religious speech class for ten years is superior to a university education... you might be a JW.
    If the word "mother" means twelve old men in Brooklynn to you... you might be a JW.

  • juni
    If the word "mother" means twelve old men in Brooklynn to you... you might be a JW.

    Very good Forscher!!

  • Gilberto
    Gilberto feel smug when thousands die in an earthquake

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