Watching crazy in action round 2

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  • Sparkplug

    So maybe I should ask a question at this point. I watch as the count climbs as to how many have read this thread. I realize that a lot may look and upon scanning realize it is way to long and they just close it back up. Others just may want to tag it and save it for a read for later. But mostly I get the feeling that when one reads this, you may not know how to respond. Should I laugh, should I tell her what a terror she is writing of such stuff.

    I think it is a controversial item to write and I tend to write this kind of stuff a lot. I think I have a dark humor thing going on and perhaps that is not for everyone. I must ask, is it too much? Or maybe are you feeling some of your own demons and it makes you feel a bit ill? Maybe you think.."Yes I see you are crazy! Look at what you are writing?" Or perhaps if you had no craziness in your life, you find it disrespectful?.....?

    Opinions help and although they may not stop me writing, they may just help me fine tune it so that I can turn it all out somewhere.

    Anyhow, that is why I think I see a ton of reads, but nobody comments. Then when they do, it is the really nice people that are concerned for me that respond first.

    It is ok to laugh at it. I get no sick kick out of the laughter, understanding or anger. I am just curious.

    Would it sell? Do you all know where to market it? I am so serious. All this madness has to be for a purpose and I always dream of selling this mess to someone who can turn it to profit. Would that not be great. It is almost better than a dream of the lottery!

    I also think this kind of craxy keeps a lot of men from approaching me? I think I may have better luck in NYC. Everyone seems a bit strange there!

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Beautiful writing Decki, keep it comin!


  • TxTiger

    i will comment...

    i definitely think you should have this turned into a sitcom, this crap makes my sides hurt i laugh so hard...

    you have such a unique way of making me feel like i am right there and seeing everything unfold. of course, sometimes i am there and i still dont appreciate until i read your rantings. ;o)

    so come on people, lets hear what you got to say about all of this. All i hear about is how enlightened this forum is and how you all can say the darnest (look, no cursing ) things. well, lets hear 'em...

    as far as guilt goes, heck (again, no cursing) no you should not feel bad because of how you react/tell/think/write about life's obstacle course.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi Sparkplug,.

    You have quite a mother there!

    I really enjoyed what you wrote, and I sort of figured it was written with at least a hint of sarcasm. You had me laughing anyway, I appreciate that kind of humour.

    Actually, I think you ought to try and do a book, if you did I'd buy it.


  • crazyblondeb

    I'm sorry you had such a bad day, but you made me spew my coffee on the monitor!! I can picture my mother doing the same!!

    Hope your hangover is better. I think, though, by now, another drink might be in order! Just kidding!


  • lovelylil

    Hi sparkplug,

    sorry to hear about the tough time you are having with your mom. I feel for you as my mom was also mentally ill and I have a sister that is ill too. My mom is deceased now but my sis is moving up here soon. She is developmentally delayed but also is mentally ill (schizophrenia, paranoia).

    I have had to learn to set boundaries with her like jgnat said because your first reaction is to "reason" with people like this but you cannot because they are not in reality with us. If your child is sick - then they must come first and your mom will have to wait or tell her to call a cab and go to the ER and you will meet her there when you can. It may sound mean but my sister also constantly goes to the ER for a sore throat swearing she is dying and I cannot feed into it with two kids I have that are ill. (asthma and severe allergies)

    Obviously you cannot have a bad reaction to all three meds even the cream so I think your mom was just looking for attention. Anyway, it is very hard because you don't know when they are really ill as apposed to just overeacting. I think you did the best you could because you do get burned out.

    I am concerned though that you mentioned you were drinking heavily and had a small child at home. I don't mean to be nosy but do you drink heavily often? Is it from the stress of your mom? Please be careful with that, that is all I am saying. Or you will just add to the burden you already have. Lilly

  • Sparkplug

    I am so relieved to see a handful laughed/ But I need to add more insanity to the stew.

    So my mom just calls. I know she knows I am home this AM, so I feel I must answer it against my better judgement.

    "Hello mom, how are you this morning?"

    She is upset. She lets me know how it is absolutely wonderful that we did not get that medication. She is happy because she does not have mange. She lets me know it is the parasites.

    "So how do you know this mom? Did (my brother) take you back to the hospital?"

    She lets me know that no, she knows this is her parasites. There is something under each one of these rash bumps. This is the worst the parasites have ever attacked her ........ever.

    I tell her that perhaps it is her medication. See she takes this medication to kill worms in horses. Who knows if it is a placebo or not, but she takes a lot of it. A lot. Hell, I think even horses only get two doses. Right now she has de-wormed the whole dang first calvery. So with as much tact as I can muster I let he know how on my way to Santa Fe recently, I took two Aleve and some peaunut brittle. I don't think I took enough water because all of the sudden my feet and my hands and everything started itching and my skin was raised in a slight rash. But OMG it itched. My traveling partner suggested drinking a lot of water. So I did and it passed. I tend to think it was the Aleve because I have a lot of peaunut butter with bananas.

    Maybe I suggest to her that she talk to her doctor into weaning her off of this medication. Maybe her body cannot take it all. Inside I think to myself. That this too would be good for her diet and maybe if she had the attention of an IV to flush her system that it may just help feed her mind.

    She got very quite. and said..

    I will take this under concideration.

    I think she is on to me.

  • Sparkplug
    I am concerned though that you mentioned you were drinking heavily and had a small child at home. I don't mean to be nosy but do you drink heavily often? Is it from the stress of your mom? Please be careful with that, that is all I am saying. Or you will just add to the burden you already have. Lilly

    No maybe the last few weeks. I actually have a grown roommate that has known my kids for 12 years now. I went out and when I got home everyone was asleep. It is not a ritual. He is a responsible adult and he and I worked with juvenile delinquents for years together. So I know all about addictions. and the dangers of getting sucked in. May be drowning my sorrows a bit, but in reality I don't have enough money to aquire a huge addiction to anything.

    Just a phase you go through when you get your innards ripped out. I will be sick of it soon.

    EDITED TO ADD** and of course with the baby sick I would not have left unless there was a full grown responsible and trusted adult in the home to care for her. Of course. Bt I know you don't know me so you would have to have me explain a little so that I don't look like a strung out victim drowning my sorrows in a bottle constantly. thank you for the concern really. And the baby gal is ok today. she is up and running. She went with her uncle to an Anime convention in downtown dallas. She came back with about 10 stuffed pikachoos attatched to her belt and is telling me all about it.

  • Sparkplug

    Fuul of doubt, crazy blond, and country girl- i think that it is great you all laughed. Sometimes it does take having a crazy person around in order to get the humour. Or maybe even it takes knowing someone in order to have the freedon=m to laugh. It is hard to know if a racist joke is ok if you are of another race. So, I think of this as being similar. You never know if it is alright to laugh.

    And TX Tiger- (my roommate) Thanks for the vote of confidence and the help with Emma and for making me laugh when blue. I just love you to death. But of course if you don't clean your room will be a short and quick death.

    (yeah yeah yeah,,,I know my room is no better, but I have an excuse. My mom is crazy, I am depressed, my hair is braided too tight and I am WORKING!!)

  • lovelylil


    glad your daughter is feeling better. I do feel for you and what you are going through. It is hard to know how to react sometimes. You want to be there for your mom but cant go along with her rants because they will drain you emotionally. I know from experience.

    Sorry to inquire about the drinking. I only mentioned as some people drink to calm the stress of dealing with those who are mentally ill and I was concerned not trying to be nosy or preachy. Glad you cleared that up. I wasn't even thinking you left your daughter alone - I was only saying that if your little one needs attention it has to come before your mom. Which I know you already know. But this was one thing I have to make clear to my family as some are mentally ill, others are just very neady. We had an abusive upbringing so we have a lot of issues. The rest of my siblings seem to think I am the stronger one so they always need help - but sometimes I have to say no as I have two kids with health issues and health issues myself. I make it clear that if my kids need me - the rest of the family needs to get in line behind them.

    Anyway, I am glad your mom seems to be calming a little. Is she Manic depressive? It sounds like it. I'll keep you in my thoughts, hope you catch a break for a while. Lilly

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