Watching crazy in action round 2

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  • wednesday


    I wondered while i was reading exactly what was wrong with your mom. i can't seem to find your previous posts on this. Are these self inflicted scratcing type wounds?

    I grew up with crazy people too, empathy I do have for you.

    Is your mom a jws? your father out o the pic?

    I recall doing some of the same things you are doing, but my mom is gone now and I really do miss her. now that i'm older I look back and understnd why she was so crazy.

    I know its hard but continue being there and if they offer a family counseling session, i'd go. you never know what you may discover.

    . also, what is this about the bra?


  • lovelylil

    your little girl is so beautiful! My daughter loves to still dress up and she is 14.

    Good luck to you with your mom. It is the same in every family that only a few take up the care of parents when they are difficult. My dad was bipolar and my mom schizophrenic. We come from a family of five and only two of us would do all the work. So I understand what you are going thru.

    You can't just write someone off - its just a matter of balance. But you seem to have a good head on your shoulder and humor will help a lot. I know it did in my case. Both of my parents are deceased now and I can actually look back and laugh at some of their madness. Going thru it - it is not funny at all. But now laughter helps me get thru it. Lilly

  • Sparkplug

    Ah Smiles. I wish she had somewhere else to go. The JW's don't help her in the least. $ witness kids and one step child converted, hundreds I would say of bible studies and now maybe one old lady stops in to see her. She always was a little off. But like any dub, she did not save. So she lives on next to nothing. My brother bears the brunt of it now seeing she is in his home. For a bit I did, but I have kids and he does not. So together we try to make it work.

    Wednesday- She has as best as I can tell from the doctors…. along with chronic depression, Manic, Bipolar, dementia and parasitosys. (the last one I can’t spell) but basically she thinks she has parasites or worms that are under her skin. So she plucks holes in herself and states that it is the worms doing this. They TRULY do itch her and her pain is real because he mind makes it so. You can’t tell her she is crazy because she is so sane in other areas. It is almost as if she woke up and said she is crazy she would realize that the last ten years have been a waste. Basically she does nothing but sits and picks all day. She hides doing it, but badly. And she does not hide the horrible sores.

    My bra…well you know how it goes in a breakup. You have stuff to return and myself actually, I would prefer not to be given back a bra or personals when I am so quickly gotten over. (or never actually in as deep as I had thought) It is kind of an insult. It is no biggie. I just don’t really want any reminders of intimate stuff. I am just touchy at the moment and it makes it hard. I just gave things back that he was kind enough to loan. I really could have gone my whole life without being handed back my underclothes that JUST were accidentally left at his home.

    Lily. Right you just cant write people off no matter how easy it would make life. You have to work through the stuff. It is hard and if I believed in hell I may be going to it for writing so bluntly, but good thing I have my JW tracers on so that I don't believe so much in hell.


  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Hey Sparky

    I want you to know that I laughed a lot reading your crazy mom story. My mom is a little nuts too, so I could really relate. She was recently diagnosed as Bipolar II which is basically a "softer" set of symptoms. Her moods swing, just not as far to the left or right. Just far enough to drive me a little bonkers with her. So, not only do I understand your dark humor but I share it. I have vented much of my mother's crazies and my subseqent frustrations into my journal.

    My mom is a bit of a hypochondriac too. She also falls for every "miracle cure and tonic" being multi-level marketed at the Kingdom Hall by some other wacked out, hypochondriac sister. The crazies all travel in packs you know. (Before anyone gets on my case about not being PC with the mentally ill, when I was in nursing, I considered specializing in psychiatric nursing. Then I remembered I have my own permanent patient at home!) It is so draining looking after someone who has learned to get attention by being ill. Sometimes, you just gotta get through the day by making up demented jokes and laughing about your crazy family. But underneath the humour, often times I am so tired of it, I just want it to end. Humour covers up a bit of sadness and despair sometimes. So that's why I opted for the words of comfort over the knowing laugh.

    Jnat gave some great advice. I'm attempting to set some boundaries with my own mom. The challenge is differentiating the childish, selfish cries for attention from the valid human needs for care and attention. It makes my mom very, very angry when she is called on her manipulative behaviour. She turns from helpless child to verbally abusive, angry woman very quickly. There are abuse issues in her childhood which I firmly believe often trigger or exacerbate mental health issues in many people. There is some empirical evidence to support this claim but I won't list it here. I know from your previous posts that this is an issue in your family as well. You sound like a really strong, survivor, warrior woman. It might be difficult for you to find a mate who is as strong as you and can cope with your mom and your family issues. It is just too overwhelming for some. In the future, you made need to hide your mom until at least the 3rd date, or at least until the man is hopelessly in love. Hell, don't break her out until after the wedding!

    Anyway, be assured that your posts are riveting as always. They are just so intense that sometimes there isn't a lot to say after them except, "Wow! Hang in there!"


  • Sparkplug
    It might be difficult for you to find a mate who is as strong as you and can cope with your mom and your family issues. It is just too overwhelming for some. In the future, you made need to hide your mom until at least the 3rd date, or at least until the man is hopelessly in love. Hell, don't break her out until after the wedding!


    What is very funny is that I actually eloped the first time and the second time she was not present. So I tell you what MOST boyfriends never meet her. some I have asked and given the first shot at it, I have seen it declined. So this is very funny to me. I will hold it dear.

  • Sparkplug

    And about your mom. For just a moment there I experienced the reaction that you just said. Wow.

    I am so glad you laughed though. It shows a great side of your character.

    My brother can be a horses ass and he calls her on her behavior all the time. Sometimes though he calls me in when he has been too hard on her. So I have to go pep her up. I would cringe if he did not do most of the "mom blocks."

  • Sparkplug

    And just to see if anyone has any takes by morning...night ya'll

  • JWdaughter

    Wow, how many people can make crazy moms, barfing kids, hangovers, missing panties and. . .MANGE so entertaining? You are a gifted writer with some other issues-sure-but we all have SOMETHING. Thanks for making my crazy life look boring. And inspiring me to write more!

  • Sparkplug

    Thanks JWdaughter...That is what I like to hear along with the bad. People laughing! Oh and please when you do write...send some my way! It is encouraging back!


  • arrowstar

    oh honey...

    you do have a way with words...


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