Religion---your personal view

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  • The wanderer
    The wanderer
    Going From One Religion To Another

    As a former Jehovah's Witness have you been enticed to consider another religion perhaps, seeking to find "the truth" ? This is a dilemma that certain individuals
    maybe facing regarding the matter of religion.

    Whom The Church Bells Toll

    "Religion is a snare and a racket." these words once uttered, by the now deceased
    Judge Rutherford, seem to be written periodically on this discussion board. Do you
    feel the same toward religion?

    Christianity's Appeal

    If you are not a Christian, how do you identify yourself? Does Christianity hold
    any appeal for you? Please offer your insights to help others and yourself in dis-
    cussing this topic of conversation.


    The Wanderer
  • zeroday

    Former JW now Atheist.

  • mouthy

    When I was first given the "left foot of fellowship" after 25 years of faithful service to the organization thinking it was for Jehovah... I went to Baptists, Pentecostal, Missionary,Bretheren, Mennonite, United,Catholic,churches seeking to find what I had "lost" BUT even though I found WONDERFUL friends in each of those buildings-I felt I didnt fit!!!!! I was NOT part of the body...Then I heard for Alton Pitts an ex JW that to KNOW GOD you had to invite him into your SELF He was the Head of the body....We could be a members of HIS body be it an arm, an eye,foot or a HANG_NAIL as I am. I did ask Christ to be MY LORD & Saviour... Since then I dont attend a Church Building ( Unless I want to) I have a relationship. I do listen to Charles Price a Pastor who in my humble opinion tells it like it is, I also listen to Chuck Swindle who also is very blunt.But right on ! But religion in MY opinion has caused more trouble in the world than any thing else. BUT I do think CHRISTIANITY,,,,has done more to help those whom are hungry,uneducated,ill, etc:

    Sorry I ramble but that is my name mouthy,

  • Outaservice

    The 'weeds' and the 'wheat' are together. You will not find a perfect 'Church' denomination per se but there are genunine Christians attending various denominations. We attend a church although have no formally joined, and we like it very much and feel spiritually nourished attending. Not, like the Kingdom Hall where we felt 'beat up' every time we attended and couldn't express more inner glee when meetings had to be cancelled.


  • solo

    my experience as a jw has put me completly off religion, my mind just cannot tolerate it, I think because of the nonsense i still have floating around in my head (even after 19 years away from the cult) which I cannot shift. When you are forced to think and believe in something it sort of puts you off. Maybe if i was given the freedom to make my own mind up i would think differently

    I now have no interest in looking into other religions, I view them very suspiciously. I do not believe in God, in fact i think that religions views of the after life, heaven, incarnation, resurrection, etc just prove evolution and our instict to survive. Most people do not want to die and their urge to live is so strong that people cannot accept there is nothing more, religions have been created by men and give people false hope for the future.

    I think this is our life, so make the most of it.

  • Dansk

    Sorry, Wanderer, but it's a beggar when this happen, isn't it, LOL!!:

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    In answer to your question, once I knew Watchtower was full of lies I decided to research the BIble. I discovered the Bible is full of fables, that the gospels weren't written by those given credit for them, that nothing was written down about Jesus until around 40 years after his death (if he existed) and that there is no historical evidence for Jesus' existence.

    Science and archaeology have exposed the lies about the Hebrew scriptures, which in turn has undermined Christianity and Islam.

    Having found that these religions are bunkum I am through with all religions - though I AM spiritual.


  • OpenFireGlass

    religion is an attempt to mix legalism with spitituallity...

    spirituallity, can only be found within....

    If I were to say I worshiped anything... I'd have to say that I worship the Cannabis plant....

    But thats just Me...


  • sspo

    Too complicated, if there is a God upthere, which i beleive there is, I will wait on him to do what he wants to do and eventually find out whether i spiritually screwed up.

    6000 years or more for people claiming to have the truth, i feel he should have made it easier for us to find him besides creation as Paul spoke about.

  • crazyblondeb

    pagan/wiccan That's where I have found my peace.

  • mouthy

    OFG!!!! But those who also worshipped that -have told me years later it really did effect their thinking down the road They truly wished they hadnt gone with that god. They are MUCH younger than I,,,,& cant remember things ...I am 79 forgets a lot, never been on your god, but age takes that from me. But YOUNGUNS???? forgetting what happened yesterday???? Just my response to your post ( No I dont want to be in your video)

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