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  • avengers


    In our bible research over the past 15 years (since we left JW Land in 1991), we discovered something new about the role of women within the FUTURE STRUCTURE of God's theocratic arrangement of Earthly New Jerusalem...His Will on matters...something totally unseen by the WTS and company. Here is the link to this info:




    Thank you YORWW for your extensive elaboration

    I read the info. I must congratulate you, the YORRW and ofcourse the victimsfollowers will not be congratulated.
    I congratulate you on your style. You must have a very highly educated staff.
    I congratulate you on the ingenious scheme you have devised to lure the weary and unknowing, the goodhearted and the unselfish, merely to use and abuse as how you see fit.
    I congratulate YOU also on the fact that you are better spindoctors than the ones dictating the Watchtower.

    I hail you and vow to obey you forever!

    Andy. Avengers.

    ps. I have "heard" you say many times we should be real careful when we read, so we get the facts right,
    yet you can't even get my handle right. How careful do you read?


  • monkeyshine

    I think I'm going to start my own religion. Seems easy enough. I'll just take what I learned at the hall and switch it up a bit. Then I'll bash the hell out of them for those few minor things I changed. Oh yes, most important, I'll be the Messiah!

    I think in my religion watching football and drinking beer will be the KEY to salvation. A little wine is good for the blood will be OUR slogan. Oh yeah, "free love!" is OUR cry. It'll be like the 60's.

    Yep, I think I can get used to that.

    p.s. Read this very fast---There will be a $99 initial start up fee and a $75 per month charge. Your wife and/or girlfriend will be signed over to the Messiah--no sign no wine. God Bless!

  • Pleasuredome

    bloody hell, BJC is back after all this time. i'm surprised you've got the nerve to post here again. conveniently forgot about the false prophecies you were flogging on here a while back?

  • Donnalilly

    SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!! i was warned by the mod to follow the guidelines and all of you said worse than I did. I held back even. I could tell horror stories of what Burney and the clan tried to do to some friends and family members. the money they wanted. the broken homes they tried to make. the koolaide they wnat you to drink. kick me off i diont care, for telling the truth. these people are EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!!! they have nothing to do with Jehovah, Satan is their god and follower. they should be kicked off of here. they are not JWs, not anything like Jws. JWs are saints compared to them

  • under_believer

    I find this all fascinating, especially the question of the modern-day Messiah figure that our guest keeps failing to acknowledge. She knows that if she confirmed that, everyone would run for the hills. Because that's nuts.

  • sir82

    There's so many people claiming to be Jesus these days it's hard to keep track.

    Is this the guy who's a transvestite, who became Jesus while dumpster-diving, and sees images of a black Christ child in a picture in the Live Forever book?

    Or is this someone else?

  • monkeyshine

    Is this the guy who's a transvestite, who became Jesus while dumpster-diving, and sees images of a black Christ child in a picture in the Live Forever book?

    Just to clarify something for my religion. (mentioned earlier) ALL female applicants shall be required to show proof of gender. Any deviations will not get their deposit back.

    p.s.-read very fast--deposit not mentioned earlier but the light just got brighter.

  • Sunspot

    ****I know what is in the report without even looking at it, Sunspot. Smoke and mirrors. I just now saw your reply, Jgnat! By what I have read in this thread---it doesn't hold any interest for me at this point in time! A few years ago, I was MOST curious to find out why a staunch WTS defender would suddenly be turned away from it.....I guess I'm long over that now, LOL! hugs, Annie

  • Donnalilly

    Don Burney claims to be the Mesiah, now taking Jeusus place.He also calls himself the Chieftan of Eziekal. If a woman is married to an unbeliever or someone who will not agree with LW then she must leave and divorce him. Al of their sites are closed and only available to those who agree 100 percent with them. His main follower is his sister, who is recruiting all the time. They are no part of Jehovah or Christ.

  • mkr32208
    It's all about money and sex

    Where's the down side?

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