See J.R.Brown's answer in latest NEWSWEEK re: giving Christmas gifts to JWs

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  • james_woods

    Pardon any of my ignorance, but is this not the same J.R. Brown who so infamously tried to defend the Society during the Jesus Cano pedophile arrest?

    If so, wonder how many more pooch-humpings he has left in the media before being sent off to "special pioneer" at some needy congregation in the rural south of the USA?

  • silentWatcher

    You know, I still remember a talk at a convention that mocked the extent to which modern Orthodox Jews obeyed the Sabbath and dietary restrictions. For example, hiring someone to press the elevator buttons in buildings on holy days, having rabbis bless food, etc. J.R.'s Christmas suggestions ("the week of Christmas", "services instead of gifts") are in that league.

    I'm shocked Bro. Brown did not recommend the family stick a Kingdom News #37 in the Thank You card. For life saving information leading to everlasting life is truly the greatest gift of all. LOL.

    I wonder who will replace Bro. Brown. My money would be on Judas Ben Schroder, but didn't he flunk out as the PR guy already?


  • Hondo

    The church I belong to helps needy families, of all religious affiliations, all year long, but in particular around the end of year holidays; thanksgiving, Christmas and New years. The assistance/help, in addition to helping those who wish identify with a particular holiday, is to stress the idea of family cohesiveness and unity, which a lot of the holidays are for to begin with.

    Maybe they do, I don't know, but why doesn't the WTBTS/JW help their needy, and the needy of other groups? If a JW family in need, and I'm sure there are a few, required assistance, could they go to a local Kingdom Hall and ask for it? Or drop by one of the local elders homes and request for a meal? My church sponsors a homeless shelter. If JWs, or anyone else, were to visit for assist or a meal, they would get it, no questions asked. Does the WTBTS/JWs do anything like this?


  • rebel8
    I'm just kinda curious why this dub family agreed to be sponsored by Sub-for-Santa.

    Exactly. How rude of the family to enroll in a program to get a gift and then to manipulate the givers by bringing up a "religious objection", knowing full well that the program will want to be politically correct and follow their wishes. Proper etiquette prohibits putting conditions on gifts! And how rude of the wts to endorse this behavior and suggest the gift givers modify their gift and planned date of giving.

    If this family is that needy, they should be getting help from their "neighbors", a.k.a., their fellow jws........not asking for gifts from the "Pagan" Santa. I will be writing to Newsweek about this and will be signing my real name.

  • ex-perfectdaughter

    Sounds like the pioneers at my KH. They would take free stuff on "boil a kid day". They stop service to go to store openings to get a free hot dog. One put here name in at some business to get a free turkey for thanksgiving. It's much easier than say...ummmmm......getting a job.

  • Arthur

    You know, with all of the spinning that P.R. Brown does day in and day out, he would have made a great White House Press Secretary. He could have probably gotten George W's approval ratings up about 0.003% higher.

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