See J.R.Brown's answer in latest NEWSWEEK re: giving Christmas gifts to JWs

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  • moshe

    This Xmas present stuff brings back a lot of negative memories. I worked Union construction for many-many years and I almost always got laid off around holiday time.

    A -I would refuse to sign the bosses Christmas card or chip $5 in for a gift and then proceed to tell the guys that Christmas was a pagan holiday, etc,etc.

    B- Then , if I still got a gift from the company, I took it, but in my JW way made them sorry they even bothered- more anti-christmas crap. Well you can guess what happened when they cut back employees for the winter- yes good 'ol Moshe was on the layoff-list, hell , I was laid off once while they were still hiring at another job. I just figured it was persecution for being God's people. Only after I was totally out of Jehovah's Witnesses did I discover I had been wearing a "I'm a JW-kick me" sign on my ass all those years.

  • purplesofa

    I was manager of a store........the year end bonus and party for most job places is xmas.

    I did not attend. The owners did not understand. This was something the led to me losing my job.

    The society really destroyed alot of family traditions of people coming in the truth and denying xmas contact.

    I will never be able to fix the damage that did in my family.

    Making a stand proved to be no purpose.......and I can see now how JR Brown sugar coated the stand the society makes on xmas.

    What a huge stab in the back.


  • blondie

    I have always worked in a government setting where church and state is carefully kept separate. So no office parties that revolve around Xmas. Always a carefully scheduled time in January without presents or decorations. We also had Muslim, Orthodox Jew, and Bahai, and atheist employees so we strived not to offend them. There is an atheist group in this area that is constantly combatting with the government about celebrating Xmas in the work setting.


  • moshe

    I just noticed that December 25th is on a Sunday. How about we take up a collection to send Ozziepost to a deserving KH that morning dressed in a Santa Suit. He can surprise all the children and throw candy and goodies to them - he has to be quick before they drag him out of the KH. What a Kodak moment that would be!

  • moshe

    This year we're "adopting" a Jehovah's Witness family.

    Their will probably be a lot of former bethel family members who have been "kicked to the curb" by the Society who could benefit from one of these holiday adopt-a-family charities. Let the WT pr-spindoctor expain how they added 1000 very mature adults to the homeless population. Maybe I will call the local KH and inquire , if they have received any of these homeless bethelites yet.

  • Jim_TX
    Maybe they do, I don't know, but why doesn't the WTBTS/JW help their needy, and the needy of other groups? If a JW family in need, and I'm sure there are a few, required assistance, could they go to a local Kingdom Hall and ask for it? Or drop by one of the local elders homes and request for a meal? My church sponsors a homeless shelter. If JWs, or anyone else, were to visit for assist or a meal, they would get it, no questions asked. Does the WTBTS/JWs do anything like this?

    Well... there might be one reason that I can think of... this family is not 'spiritually strong'. That is - they may not make all of the meetings (all 5 of them), plus they may not be going out door-knocking, plus they may not be doing whatever JW-related activities that are required.

    I can tell you this from personal experience... when I was still married to wife #1, there was a large family that had very little. The father worked - but made very little income. The kids were getting to their teen years, and were eating lots.

    Anyway, when we would go shopping, I would ask the wife if we had enough money to get some 'extras'. She would check and usually reply 'yes'. (We didn't have _that_ much ourselves) So, I would grab an extra bag of potatoes or loaf of bread - or whatever.

    We would then drop it by their house. Sometimes they wouldn't be home, and we would just leave it there. Funny - somehow, they seemed to know it was from us, and thank us for it later.

    Anyway... we did this for a while, and the wife came home from one of her meetings (I was totally inactive - hadn't been for over 15 years), and told me that she was told that we couldn't do this anymore, as the family was 'weak' and wasn't attending meetings reguarly.

    I respected her 'religion', and so we didn't do it anymore.

    So... it wouldn't surprise me if the family being discussed in this post - who may have signed up for some 'aid' somewhere else - was considered 'weak' by the JWs.


    Jim TX

  • minimus

    This shows JWs can utilize an organization that in its very name shows their pagan/unchristian roots and not get in trouble for it! JWs CAN accept presents from such groups. They can accept their services. THAT'S the main thing here.....(see the UN debacle).

  • purplesofa
    This shows JWs can utilize an organization that in its very name shows their pagan/unchristian roots and not get in trouble for it! JWs CAN accept presents from such groups. They can accept their services. THAT'S the main thing here.....(see the UN debacle).

    Isn't it wonderful how Jehovah provides for his people?

  • mama1119

    This isn;t about Christmas, its about Halloween: I used to work in a Cosmetics Department of a upscale Department store. I was one of three JW in the Dept, I, myself, was very liberal, the other two were DEVOUT!!!!! Our deparment manager wanted us all to dress up for Halloween and the two witnesses said no. So she changed it to we all had to dresslike a old moviestar of our choice and instead of calling it Halloween we called it Glamour Day...ON HALLOWEEN, and they did it, no big deal. It was just changing of the words and they were all over it! Goes to show you how easily they will do something they want, as long as its worded properly..

  • AndersonsInfo

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