Think Of Watchtower Article Titles You'd Like To See

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  • jessi1023

    what part of the bible do you not understand, its so clear as to what is wrong and what is right in Gods eyes.

  • OpenFireGlass

    Oh Wow!.... I got to town just in time to catch the begining of this jessie1023 movie....

    (makes enough popcorn for everyone, and rolls a couple a spliffs for those who care...) LOL

  • Kaput

    The Anointed --- Delusional Dolts or Possessed Puppets?

    Making the Truth Your Own By Making Your Own Truth

    Living on Peanuts --- The Life of a Pioneer

    How to Obtain a Library Card at the UN

    I Was Pickled Alive --- The Carey Barber Story

  • Arthur

    Governing Body Swimsuit Issue

    (free centerfold inside)

  • jayhawk1

    Oh boy Jessi1023, tell me more, show me the way!

    (Kicking back with some popcorn too, no thanks on the Hippy Lettuce.)

  • greendawn

    The GB being charitable to our loyal but needy brothers and sisters: spending hundreds of millions to help them in a Christian spirit of self denial.

    The FDS entering in open public debates with dissenting members.

    The GB sharing its authority with all proven anointed members.

  • Undecided

    How "TRUTH" is changed by new light.

    The true meaning of the word SOON.

    Why our church is called, Kingdom Hall.

    How to show love to you family by shunning them.

    Give all you time to preaching and Jehovah will feed you.( The recommended way to lose weight)

    If you don't study the Watchtower the bible is useless.

    Ken P.

  • moshe

    Welcome PMJ jessie1023, I think jessie1914 is better- don't ever forget the original end of the world date that made Pastor Russell a big shot with the Bible Students- now known as Jehovah's Witnesses. Now a witness is just a bystander, they don't actually do anything important or even have the brain to have an original thought . So your ignorance about the Watchtower Society is understandable. I hope you have enough grey matter left that we can rehabilitate you.

  • HAL9000

    Applying Jehovah's Principles of Cut & Paste to Explaining the New World Translation

  • PrimateDave

    Welcome to the Board, jessi1023. Hope you'll stick around and learn something. While you are at it, I would recommend checking out the Beyond Jehovah's Witnesses website
    If you truly believe that what is right and wrong is clearly spelled out in the Bible by a loving God, you might check out and download a .pdf copy (in a zip file) of the book for free (or support the author by buying the book).
    Then I encourage you to continue your "Bible Study" by reading Ray Franz's book Crisis of Conscience to find out what kind of organization the Watchtower Society really is.
    Only when you have done your homework, can you even begin to understand any of us, because many of us were once where you are at now.
    Respectfully, Dave

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