Drop Dead Gorgeous!

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  • katiekitten

    Women like emotional rapture easily confused with a spiritual experience?

    Men just like a shag?

    Former lends itself to religion. Later lends itself to the GU clinic. Not to be confused with Kingdom Hall.

    (notice the question marks so nobody can say I am stereotyping!!)

  • ellderwho

    I look at the doof my mom married 20 years ago. She is so way better looking than him, like out of his league. IMO she settled for a dork. But he does have coin.

  • daystar

    Maybe we're only choosing to remember all the physically attractive?

    I'll preface this by saying I take some amount of pride in that I don't ignore of otherwise "shun" people I don't find attractive. But...

    Although there were many very attractive brothers and sisters in my old cong., there were also some very distinctly unattractive people as well... people who seemed to rarely shower, who sported horrible, horrible dandruff problems... And I'm not talking about plain people. I was as plain as they came growing up. I'm talking about those who were often actually scary.

    I guess they had to balance out the Kelly LeBrock look-alike who graced our aisles...

  • wednesday

    To marry an intellengent man "the Marylin Monrow syndrome" . I find IQ sexy myself. . Many jws women goal is to marry power,. Power means at least an elder, and hopefully CO, DO. or bethel, or dear heavens, dare to dream, GB! It is like marrying the vp or president of a corp. What about microsoft inventor, he is a total nerd but has a very pretty wife. Marry money, power and fame. That is what a beautiful woman can hope to do, in or out of the jws org. That is what a beautiful woman with no ambitions of her own, that is.

    Another thing I have noticed, the elders often trade in their old tired wife, the one from youth, and get one of the nice new trophy wives. Very common among men of power and money. They make it to the top- by god they are going to have a Babe by their side. Jws are not immune to this. check out your local cong and see.

  • FlyingHighNow
    Was this because selection was limited, or was this just a peculiarity in our area?

    The selection was definitely limited. And women aren't always as superficial as men about looks and superficial things like size.

  • wednesday

    very true, FHN, many women really do look for IQ, personality, and ability to be a good father, and provider as high on the list, way before tall dark and handsome.

  • jaguarbass

    I went to South Beach in Miami this summer and I noticed the same thing. There were all these truly beautiful women, with bodies to die for, but every single one was with a short legged barrel chested gut hanging stumpy guy! I was truly gob smacked.

    In the world it is money and drugs that gets a guy a good looking woman.

    A popular biker tee shirt says grass or ass no one rides for free.

  • DanTheMan

    Well, the look that JW men cultivate, especially those that wish to have status in the org, is not exactly cool or fashionable.

    Combine that with the highly-feminine look that JW women who wish to be with a man who has status in the org cultivate, and you have what appears to be a terrible imbalance. But if they were worldlyâ„¢ I don't think it would be such a noticeable thing.

  • FlyingHighNow

    There are very, very few singles to choose from when you're dating as a JW. I don't know many people that chose well, because the choices were so limited.

  • sspo

    many,many years ago when i was single i went after a gorgeous, knock-out pioneer, every young brother in the circuit was after her, they would show up for service at our cong. just to meet her and work with her.

    Anyway i went out with her for about six months but because i was too new in the truth she was counseled by more mature ones in the cong. that we would be unevenly yoked since i was new.

    she was always stuck in marrying a bethelite and she did, someone that spend one year a Bethel and came home, dated him for 2 months and she got married.

    3 months later because of work and financial problems he stopped going to meetings but he got himself a knock-out and a gorgeous pioneer.

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