Drop Dead Gorgeous!

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  • Arthur

    While we're on the subject;

    I'm not trying to be flirtatious or anything, but I don't mind complementing earthtone and sparkplug as two very attractive ladies.

  • lowden


    If you marry or date the 'nice guy' ("Well i know he's not that good looking and dresses like a vagrant but he's a lovely man"), then one day it'll boomerang back on you and smack you in the back of the head!


    That's because one day you'll meet really gorgeous guy and he'll KNOCK YOU OFF YOUR FEET.

    It's generally girls that say that line isn't it? "Looks aren't important". Ostriches!!

    Of course Mr Geeky is also gonna be gorgeous to someone else but if the person you are dating doesn't truly 'turn your cogs' and you marry him.......Beware.

    Quite alot of girls i've known have experienced just that! They even still love the guy to bits but not in the right way because 'looks' and sheer 'mind blowing, bodice ripping' passion are also an essential.....in my experience.

    "Yeah but the sex thing fades"......Oh, does it??



  • bubble

    I know soooo many gorgeous girls married to total geeks.

    Usually the geek has a great personality and the gorgeous girl is about as vivacious as a wet mop.

    A match made in heaven?

  • greendawn

    That is the essence of the issue, physical looks in men are not the main desirable quality especially in the JW culture, jw women look for spirituality, personality, and above all status and wealth.

  • Mary
    Back when I was attending Kingdom Halls, our Circuit had a lot of 'drop dead gorgeous' women, many whom were married to the geekiest looking guys. I always asked myself, "How did these 'dorks' do it"! Was this because selection was limited

    That's generally the reason.......many Witness girls felt that anyone was better than no one and made a b-line for the alter. I don't think any of my friends were older than 18 when they got married. I refused to marry a dork, but at least I'm not miserable in a crappy marriage like most of my old friends are.

    or was this just a peculiarity in our area? Are there still more Sisters available than Brothers even today?

    I think the sisters outnumber the guys by about at least 5 to 1. Not sure why that is, but when I still attended the assemblies, you could practically see the desperate look on some of the girls' faces as they scoured the Halls, looking for something half decent that would get them out of their parents' home.

  • KW13

    Good question, i look at my stepdad and then at my mum and wonder what on earth happened, she used to be the most beautiful person ever (everyone tells me) folks used to whistle when we walked by, i was always hoping it was me but damn no it was HER!!

  • Mary
    KW13 said folks used to whistle when we walked by, i was always hoping it was me but damn no it was HER!!

    Aw don't worry Karl.....I'm sure some of those whistles were fer you.

  • Dansk

    Well, I came into the organisation already married - and I'm glad I did!

    It is correct to say there are some really gorgeous looking girls in the organisation - but because of mind control they are so sugary sweet I almost vomit even now thinking about it! Yuk!!

    I strongly believe that men are attracted to a girl initially because of looks - and I don't just mean the face!

    Girls, on the other hand, seem to go for something else - charm, strength, personality - I really can't say (the women here will know), but JW girls are so conditioned - and at times so absolutely desperate - that they do tend to marry - dare I say it - yes, dorks!!

    I have to say, aposta girls are beautiful. I met some corkers at E-man's BBQ. Their minds were beautiful too - they were thinkers, free of mind control!


  • Gill

    I think Lowden has pretty much hit 'it' on the head.

    These girls were looking for something, instead of waiting for that 'something' which is just raw passion, and then love to hit them.

    You can't have an ongoing sensual relationship without. The 'sex thing' should NOT fade, if it does, that's when you're in trouble.

    The DDG girls were looking for something that just does not matter in a marriage - religious fanaticism.

    They should have been looking for charm, looks, kindness, naturally love, and raw sexual passion...Ain't no good without it!

  • whyamihere

    Good topic:

    I have seen many beautiful women married to complete wannabe MS/Elder dorks. At the time I never thought anything of it, because she/they seemed happy with her/their role(s) as soon to be Elder/Elderette.

    I was raised this way, find one who loves Jehovah and Jehovah will take care of the rest. My mom once said to me, (I was about 16) "I'm so glad you're pretty, because you will find a nice witness boy to take care of you, since you not good for anything else." I shake my head at that statement, because it still hurts and haunts me today.

    However, I was the girl that mothers warned you about....lol. I couldn't find my geek. Oh well, maybe another life.

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