The WBT is a cult. Why can't dubs see?

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  • KW13

    Ian Said: Got one (see my signature in every post)!


    good :)


    Hairy Mary said: Ever read George Orwell's 1984 or see the movie?


    Yeh, its funny i only compared it to that the other day. I should read it again sometime.

  • muslima

    It is usually hard to 'see' something when you are right in the middle of it. The Society does such a good job of providing the perscription of contact lens they want you to wear also, that it is just real hard to see.

    When I tried a half hearted reinstatement attempt after the fiasco at my son's in May - here is the short version as I related it to Cog:

    Ah the reinstatement -- well after talking to my uncle a few more times - I decided to give it a try. Met with the local PO and SEC - had a 20 minute meeting - cried my eyes out (involuntarily) and was basically told that despite my husband's objections - 'the meetings is where there is life." I said, "So you are telling me then that I gave up one husband for JW's and now to make it right I should give up another?" "We can't tell you what to do, but with Jehovah and at the meetings is where you get life."

    I left and as I walked out the door - all I could say under my breath is Bismillah - (in the name of God) in arabic.

    Somehow I felt relieved in a way - because when I walked into that KH - and was waiting - the merry little music was playing - and the people were milling around, looking at me without looking - smiling when they saw that I noticed them...I felt so sick to my stomach and claustrophic. You could just FEEL the fake. ( I went early before the school and service meeting)

    I wrote my uncle an email about what happened and figured it would drop. No so. My Uncle was very keen on me getting reinstated...he called me a couple more times and on the second to the last call - encouraged me to try to ask my husband if we/I could just go do 6 months worth of Sunday meetings so I could get reinstated. ok He diligently called back in a week and I said I would call him back - I was in the middle of LA traffic. I didn't call till the next day - and couldn't get ahold of him. So I sent him an email saying that I had decided to abandon the reinstatement process and throw myself on God's mercy. I thanked him for his love and concern...that was basically it. That was August 3rd...I have not heard a word since.

    This experience really impressed upon me the cult aspect...and it has been 11 years since I left.

  • The wanderer
    The wanderer
    Why They Cannot See

    The questions that you raise are indeed very thought provoking and at the same time very good. An individual would have to bare in mind that the Watchtower Society is
    exceptional at drilling its followers with constant verbal rhetoric. This "protects" the
    rank and file from deviating to far from the organizations strict standards of loyalty.

    It Maybe Easy For You To See

    The question is, did you always see through the propaganda and spin performed by
    the Watchtower Society? Probably, like most of us on this discussion board the
    answer would be no. Some kind of "red flag" warning either drove you to research
    the Society or perhaps personal doubts of one kind or another. Personally, it was
    the United Nations scandal that brought the house down for me.

    Being Honest With Yourself

    It is not easy to admit to yourself that you maybe involved in a religion that is not
    the "truth." After all, that is what you have been taught for a number of years. Many
    individuals are not comfortable with the fact that they might be being deceived by
    the Society because after all it is "God's channel of communication." So therefore, it
    is easier to remain in a state of denial then to go searching through uncharted waters
    where Satan and the "apostates" are lurking.

    Hopefully, this answers some of your questions.


    The Wanderer

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Nobody is able to accept the real truth if they allready think they have got it.
    The only thing that really helps JWs see the real truth is if they are able to see what kind of an organization they are really part of. If they understand the Bible and life with the Watchtower allways on top, then they will never be free. But if they are able to let the Watchtower be held to basic guidelines and standards, and then hold them to those standards they will be able to see the real truth that is almost hidden in their publications.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo


    Truth is relative ....

  • TopHat

    The JWs look at the WTS through "Beer Goggles" They can't see what is really in front of their eyes.

  • Dansk
    The JWs look at the WTS through "Beer Goggles"

    I DON'T think so! Didn't ya know alcohol was frowned upon!


  • sspo

    I agree with Drew, why would they even doubt when they feel they have the truth.

    Very few stop and meditate on the meaning of the scriptures when they read them, if any questions come up they always go back with the JW explanation, many are truly

    "sheep" they follow the GB since they feel they are being used by God.

    Let's not forget many are truly happy in doing what they are doing. They have a hope for the future and worldwide unity that no one has ( even though it's forced unity).

    It always felt good traveling in other parts of the world and you could walk into KH and you felt the brotherhood and love.

    I don't agree with the JW's anymore but for many of them ignorance is good.

    The majority of them as i personally experienced could care less about 607/1914, Malawi/Mexico,UN and so on.

    Remember one thing, many of us spent decades in it.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    No one can see something unless they look at it, and that's the problem for jws. Even if they are unhappy with the wts, which many of them are, until they are willing to examine what they believe, and read outside the society's publications, they will never see it for what we all know it is.

    Looking back, I can't explain why I believed it, but I did for more than half my life.

  • buffalosrfree

    The can't see because they have their heads poked up their Talabanic asses as it were. They only believe what the Talaban(oops the sanhedrin modern day that is) tells them. They can't see, can't hear, and don't speak no truth about the societies lies. They refuse to change, kind like frozen in ice.

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