Comments You Will Not Hear at the 8-27-06 WT Study (FOCUS ORGANIZATION)

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  • Gill

    I can't think of anything good about the Jehovahs witness Organization.

    It's a money grabbing, shit mongering, lying and twisted organization. It destroys the lives and health of its members with its fanatical control freakery. I've read the article and can't see anything good in it.

    Everything it writes and says wreaks of 'Cult control.'

    It is a human sacrificing organization. Children and adults alike sacrificed on its idol of 'No Blood Policy' which is a figment of its imagination and mistranslation of the Bible.

    What an evil place to be JW land really is!

    Everything it says is a lie and twisted. Problem is, that it takes a thinking mind to appreciate it, and the poor JWs have given up thinking and sacrificed their brains to the fictitious FDS!

    Thanks for wading through the regular droppings of the FDS for us, Blondie!!!!!

  • daniel-p

    My blood is boiling. I am seething - I can't take it. I don't know how in the world I can sit through this tripe tomorrow at the meeting. I can't take it. I'm even shaking right now because of my indignation. I wish I could wring the necks of those who wrote this article.

  • moomanchu

    OMG what BS

    Good job disecting the article

    let me summarize:

    Do as your told, stop complaining, you need us, obey us or die.

  • Forscher

    The whole article and its tone can be summed up as follows:
    Stop complaining you peons and put yer backs into it!!!!
    Accompainied by the crack of a whip!!!!

  • SirNose586

    What repulsive screed. I have to read this nonsense tomorrow. I guess I'll get a good workout in reading filth with a PERKY SMILE!

    You went to town on this one Blondie, though more can be said on this subject. I'm in California, and already I can smell the desperation wafting over from Brooklyn. It's quite funky.

    The search continues for the missing Jesus! Will he turn up in the next article?? Only time will tell!

  • jgnat

    Having just finished Steve Hassan's book, it seems to me that every time a JW sighs, "Ah, well, what can you do?" it's the natural personality exerting itself. "What can you do?" is meant to be rhetorical of course. The natural personality sees no way out of their conundrum. Perhaps we can help these JW's along on their road to recovery by suggesting things they CAN do.

    1. You could research the life of the early church to see if this teaching really is bible-based.
    2. You could write Brooklyn about it.
    3. How about take a vacation for a week or two, and decide for yourself if you can go along with the shifting light?

    It's time to bring up my Confrontation - is it for Christians? thread.

  • hamsterbait

    Para 14 AGAIN mentions not complaining when the WTBTS changes something and pulls the rug from under our feet.

    This article ties in

    1: The Israelites gave lots of gold.

    2: Don't resent big changes.

    Over the last 8 months almost every study has mentioned EITHER 1 or 2. Remember the picture in the Sep 15 WT - an anonymous Israelite kneeling before a rock? "I will without fail give a tenth of everything to you." ??

    This is the first study to put both together.

    I'm telling you I bet tithing is to be the "big announcement". That's why every study and WT article has focussed on Jewish Laws and customs for the last year: So applying Jewish Law in a "christianized" setting will not seem too odd.

    Once again Blondie thanks for helping us all to really think.

    (Lovin' the new avatar by the way!!)


  • sf

    Well, my daughter and her friends needed a ride to the beach. I printed THESE up and made a test run. I actually went to the K.H. on the east side of town. They were just leaving for the day after field misery work, I'm assuming:

    And what about examining other religions?

    The WTS teaches that all the "wicked" will be eternally destroyed, all 6.5 billion men, women, and children, who are not dedicated, baptized JWs.

    Then under the subheading "If Your Church Fails to Act, Will You?" the article said:
    If, after making an honest investigation, you are less than pleased with what you see, do more than just complain. A journalist, while commenting on Karl Barth's statement that a church is its members, logically concluded: "Church members... are responsible for what the church says and does." So ask yourself: Am I willing to share responsibility for everything my church says and does?....
    You may sincerely believe that your church is no part of false religion that God says he will soon destroy. But your life depends upon being 100 percent sure. Are you?
    For those of other religions, absolute truth is set as the criterion -- everything should be "really true." They should be "100 percent sure" about their religion. If they are "less than pleased" with what they see, they should "do more than just complain," because they share responsibility for "everything [their] church says and does."


    I drove right up to the parking lot and asked for a brother. Said I was leaving those fliers at all K.H.'s in the COUNTY. I then acted 'as if' and asked him to confirm that the other K.H. was indeed on the west end of town. He thusly confirmed so.

    At first I tried handing it to him, he wouldn't take it. He glimpsed down at it THEN actually took it. Not sure what caught his eye and/ or why he ended up taking it.

    It's amusing how they get so defensive when people enter THEIR terrority. Yet they wonder why we don't welcome them more at the door and in public with open arms.

    Anyway, I do plan on getting closer to K.H. territories in my work. Seems that is where it may hurt them the most. Or at least perhaps the neighbors will start to question more and thusly, hold account any criminal activity near them...even at a K.H.

    I love my work TED!!! And it loves me!!!


  • purplesofa
    Jehovah is in control of everything within his organization, and Jesus is aware of developments in each congregation, just as he was in the first century. (Revelation 1:10, 11) Patiently wait on God and Christ, the Head of the congregation. Responsible shepherds may be used to correct matters that may need to be readjusted.-Psalm 43:5; Colossians 1:18; Titus 1:5.

    thats real reassuring!!!

  • heathen

    You forgot to say ----- VOMIT ALERT prior to posting that crap . Just more of the , it's not us it's you , So we fraternize with satans organization for 10 yrs after we warned ourselves and everybody else countless times where friendship with the world gets you , no cause for murmuring on that one . By God don't let us catch you going into a church of christiandom tho . This is just more of the verbal abuse they R&F have to put up with , their opinion means nothing it's their purse strings the WTBTS is after .These people have even changed the good news of the kingdom to the good news of paradise earth . I just love that part about being alone with your own thoughts , I mean where the hell do they come up with that anyway? These guys running the org appear to be senile so maybe they are afraid of their own thoughts , that was a good catch there blondie with how the world changed in 3 years and people now choose their own thoughts over the WTBTS . Are you kidding that they now believe secular athorities are superior? So what did they do with all that, the world ended invisible stuff?

    Great job again blondie.

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