Comments You Will Not Hear at the 8-27-06 WT Study (FOCUS ORGANIZATION)

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  • bronzefist

    Thanks Blondie,

    At the meeting the comments were all "Keep your mouth shut." and "Wait on Jehovah to make things right." No mention of the FDS ever being wrong in anything that it has said. "The light gets brighter and brighter." "Elders are doing a fantastic job." from an elder's wife. "Be positive."

    There was an uneasiness during the meeting...that was a positive sign to me. Hell maybe it was because they played the wrong song to start the public talk again.

  • SirNose586

    Comments were horrible today. What if your child was molested by someone in authority? After reading this article, you're supposed to wait around for "New Light," all the while not complaining.

    Pat yourselves on the back, Brooklyn! You can write articles directing people to worship you and give money to you, and anyone who questions that gets shunned!

  • Momofmany

    I swear, I am so angry over this article. I can't put it all into words, but this article has just pushed buttons with me.

  • anewme

    Bravo Blondie! Excellent coverage and comments on this Watchtower. What a godawful article!

    Why do those people trouble themselves to get dressed and go to the Kingdom Hall???

    I remember just feeling crummy meeting after meeting after depressing discussions like this!

    You are right----where are the talks on love and good works and happiness???

    My god, that was painful to review. Poor misled prisoners of the Tower!


    Our study conductor actually mentioned something like: "You could think that since the generation doctrine has changed in '95 that if they where wrong on that one why should I listen to rest that the FDS is telling? How should we think about that?"
    Someone gave the answer that if you look in the revelation book there is a box that says that the FDS is not inspired and could be wrong. So we should not make a big point about it.
    The conductor then said yes we should be happy that after the FDS had carefully studied the bible again and they found out that that doctrine should be changed, that is was good thing they are looking after us.
    This is such double speak... If they are wrong then it is all like, look we are not inspired we don't really know what we where doing it's not our fault we are only imperfect humans. But let's take the current understanding for instance on the blood doctrine, you should be willing to give your life for the current understanding by the FDS of that doctrine. They could change that doctrine in the future (they already modified it several times) and then the FDS says whoops look we are not inspired and only imperfect humans. If you disagree with the current "truth" you are being disfellowshipped because you are going against Jehovah etc etc. And you have no hope on getting in paradise. I find it unbelievable that all those people in the hall don't see that.

  • Gill

    GBSJG - It's a bit like saying, 'I'm your neurosurgeon for today, but I haven't actually had any medical training, so you'll have to forgive me if I get it a little wrong!!!'

  • M.J.

    Yes, it's doublethink.

    They are ONLY prone to error in the context of past, discarded teachings.

    Yet, they do not make such qualifications with regard to current teaching!

    I was at the study yesterday. I was struck by the fact that the people making the comments essentially worship the organization. It's incredible.

  • V
    the people making the comments essentially worship the organization

    Exactly. In the JW mind the FDS = Jehovah, reject the FDS means rejecting Jehovah.

  • Sacchiel

    I could not let a brother's comment, on Peter's question to Jesus "To whom shall we go to" and apply it to the WT, just slip away. I quickly pointed out that Simon realized one could not go to the Father without first going to the Son and his question reflected there is no one we can turn to, but Jesus alone! The conductor seemed mildly perplexed, but thanked me.

  • kerj2leev

    Jehovah is in control of everything within his organization, and Jesus is aware of developments in each congregation, just as he was in the first century. (Revelation 1:10, 11) Patiently wait on God and Christ, the Head of the congregation. Responsible shepherds may be used to correct matters that may need to be readjusted.-Psalm 43:5; Colossians 1:18; Titus 1:5.

    When did Jehovah take back control from Jesus? I thought all authority had been given him.....hummmmm......Now God and Jesus are head???

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