Comments You Will Not Hear at the 8-27-06 WT Study (FOCUS ORGANIZATION)

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  • MidwichCuckoo

    Are they pushing this ''Glorious Ones'' 'title'? I never heard it when I was a dub. In fact, the Society (as I remember) always 'played down' the position of Elders, comparing them to other Religious Leaders who were criticised for having 'titles' - well frankly, you can't get a much bigger title than 'GLORIOUS ONE'! What a joke.

  • cyberguy


    Thanks again for a review of yet another WT diarrhea-inducing article! This is one of the absolute worst! I’m sorry that I could only review a few paragraphs, but I did talk to others who have read it. It is absolutely an abomination! It isn’t “funny” either! It’s abhorrent! Unfortunately, my fleshly brother probably conducted the WT-study for this hideous, demonic monstrosity! He no longer talks to me because I’m of a lesser class than he and his family, because I raise questions about his devotion to the WT and GB!

    Anyway, thanks again for covering this, but I had to pass on most of it because just a few paragraphs were too unsettling! Thanks Blondie, for covering this once again. Peace to you and family! Love-you folks!

    Say, I hope your garden is going great! Nice to hear about your “normal” life when you mention it. I’d like to meet you and husband sometime!

    With loving regards and PEACE to you and yours,


  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Great review thanks! I can remember sitting through one of the many such study articles as this one and going from agreeing with it and over the years to, how arrogant to put this organisation in such an important place - effectively before Jesus! Disgusting...

    CS 101

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