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  • Dansk
    I have never seen or talked to a real shrink

    Well I have and was classified as normal. So there you are, it's official!


  • diamondblue1974
    So there you are, it's official!

    From memory I remember Spike Milligan saying something similar when he was released from an asylum...apparently he said he was sane and the fact that he had a certificate meant he could prove it...whereas nobody else could.

    Too funny


  • earthtone

    I love this place! I feel like no one could understand what is like to be so caught up in and believing the WTS is right, only to find out they are wrong except an exmember. I was confused and scared when I started to doubt and then just sad and devastated when I found out all my doubts were founded. But everyone here was there for me. Giving me great advice and just being loving.

    I try to talk to friends and my husband about being an xJW and they don't get how the WTS can destroy lives, or make you miserable. They just see them as other men and don't understand how we can get so caught up in it in the first place. Or let them control our lives to such an extent. But you all do, you get it and how hard it is to leave. And how confusing it all is and hurt or bitter you are when it's all said and done.

    Plus, you are are just plain fun!

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Yes in a way it is for me, but certainly more than that as well.

    I'm very shy and find it hard to have flowing conversation with people which some find offputting - so here I can be quiet and think what I'm going to say for as long as I like and nobody minds!!

    On the shrink side, again I find it easier to write down my experiences here than to talk to my counsellor about them. Sometimes I feel like this is the 'coward's' way of doing it but at least it's a start.

  • Mysterious

    I think it's hard for anyone but an ex-jw to understand an ex-jw. I also think that quite often the posters merely tell you what you knew was true all along but were hoping not to hear.

  • Ironhead

    In some ways yes. I realised that a lot of good people had their lives destroyed by this organisation, and by reading their experiences, helped me on the road to recovery.

  • aoxo

    absolutely!!! this forum keeps me from feeling all the guilt that was given me from the borg. it keeps me sane...

  • Finally-Free

    After I left the cult and my spouse I went for counselling and found it was a waste of time. Instead of getting any help I found myself spending most of my time educating the counsellor about the JW cult. She should have been paying me!

    The only real help I got was on this board. Ok, a little valium from my family doctor helped too.


  • katiekitten
    I didn`t realise that there were thousands of others who were in the same situation.

    Thats one of the main things for me.

    Plus there are so many really intelligent and lovely people here, its way more interesting and challenging than any other discussion site I have ever seen.

    Its easier than being with people because there is time to think before you post, and there is ALWAYS someone to talk to, day or night.

    Its the first place I think to come if ive got anything on my mind.

  • jaguarbass

    think this is the best psychiatric forum for XJWs anywhere, kinda like my own personal shrink!

    Ian, I agree with your assesment

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