Remember the Written Review

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  • wonderwoman

    WOW. I forgot all about those stupid tests. I loved them because it gave us a break from the usual hum drum bs spewing off the stage. My sis and I would fill in the blanks with 'inappropriate' answers.

  • blondie

    It was just before my time when the written reviews were passed to the person next to you to be graded.

    When I went to the TMS, you graded your own and did not turn them in. But then you did not have an insert a few weeks before with the review printed out so you could look up the answers at home. It was cold turkey folks, you didn't see the review until the evening of and the brother handed it to you as you walked in the door. Only the Bible could be used.

    And yes, the TMS overseer had the "answers" and made sure those who had the talks emphasized the point. If not, he emphasized it.

    The questions were gradually dumbed downed year by year. This meeting was one of the most poorly attended each year. Usually, only 3 to 4 people answered at the review as well.

    Just as we left, they went to the oral review. Still get the inserts but no one writes down the answer any more during the meeting I think but before. There are 15 questions rather than 35.


  • BlackPearl

    Hell ya they did, right from the society, on a cheat sheet, I've seen them. They didn't make up those "right" answers, they were too stupid to actually figure them out on their own.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Is it just me or does 30girl look like Hermione Granger??

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    I believed they did away with the "written review" at the end of 2002. The "oral review" came in 2003.

    One of the older sisters in my former congregation mentioned that when she was a little girl in the 1950's, they had these reviews (they were actually tests) unannounced. You had to always be prepared, something like a pop-quiz given at school now-a-days. Yes, they even did the grading and even posted on the information board at the next week's school as to who got the top scores. When I heard that they did this once-upon-a-time, the WTS must have taken the meaning of "school" seriously.

    This method, as documented by previous posters, had toned down quite a bit as it now evolved into the oral review with the questions given out in advance in each publisher's copy of the Kingdom Ministry. Why the tapering off? Perhaps trying to make the school more "friendly" in the eyes of visitors and Bible students.

    I didn't mind these written review sessions. It gave me time to really read my Bible without the side effects of non-Scriptural teaching from the platform.

  • katiekitten

    I used to love the Written Review because you got to sit for half the meeting is silence. I did used to swot up before hand tho, which is truly pathetic!

  • lowden



    Hell ya MUST be a swot to be a MATHS teacher!

  • bubble

    Oh my god, I'd actually forgotten about the written review. I used to like the true and false section.

    My mum and sister always used to swat up and get all the answers right, freaks!!

    I always used to run out of time and had to guess the last few. I never paid any attention at the meetings beforehand so for the questions that required long answers were a complete mystery to me. I didn't know they'd ditched the written review. They just keep making stuff easier, like reducing the pioneer hours etc.

  • katiekitten

    Im the queen of Swots.

    Im the empress Swot from Swotsville Arizona.

    Im the Swotty kid that even the Swots are embarrassed to hang out with.

  • lowden
    Im the Swotty kid that even the Swots are embarrassed to hang out with.

    Shall i run away.... now??


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