Remember the Written Review

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  • 30girl

    garybuss, are you serious? Wow! I never had to turn one in, I'm so glad. Did they write comments on it? What happened if you bombed it?

  • garybuss

    Yes we got % grades and comments. I actually didn't much give a rat's ass how many concubines King Solomon hosed for God's good kingdom.
    There's a slight chance I just might have had a very small irreverent streak for ghost stories and gods.

  • Sunspot

    I absolutely HATED the written review. Having to keep an eye on five small kids AND trying to put down my answers during this, was something I really dreaded!!!

    I never got finished on time and was always scrambling to fill in SOMETHING that sounded like it could be "the" answer they were looking for.

    Guess they don't have this any more! I'd love to hear why not.....I mean....the "reason" that they gave to the JWs when it was stopped! I'll bet they mumbled some appropriate about it being "Jehovah's arrangement" now, and all that!

  • garybuss

    If they quit the written review and called it an improvement, that'd be one time I'd have to agree with em.

  • 30girl

    They still have it but as pointed out earlier they call it the Oral review -- still as annoying but now you get it in advance so you can prepare ahead of time - oh boy, more chances to impress/out answer one another.

  • justsomedude
    I actually didn't much give a rat's ass how many concubines King Solomon hosed for God's good kingdom.

    Thats the funniest thing Ive read all day.

  • looking_glass

    I hate those as well, because my mom would grade my paper. After a while I protested by saying I was not going to participate at all if she graded it. In the end I won! Yeah for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carla

    A written test??!! Would everybody know your 'grade'? freakin' hilararious! I wish they would give them now, my jw can't take tests to save his life! The stress would do him in! Maybe he would skip that meeting?

  • Makena1

    Yes - that's what I remember. Back in the late 50's early 60's, papers were turned in and graded by the school servant. Also, in our little KH in northern Indiana, the kids who were to young to take the "test" got to head to the library for story time. Most times, story time was with a brother who was also head or assistant librarian for the main Chicago library. Interestingly, he had always disagreed with the borg's blood policy. He eventually left the organization when it was discovered he was one of the major donors to a local hospital's blood donors/research wing.

  • DaCheech

    The elders do have a cheat sheet with all the answers.

    As a MS I have #1 talks and other teaching talks.

    the elders give me this cheat sheet, and when my talk takes in consideration material that will be in the oral review..... I have to give extra emphasis on the material that applies to the future review

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