2006 DC Pics see you again if not, then surely in paradise, ...

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  • moshe

    I think the French woman is playing a joke on the brothers- her hat is giving out a subliminal phallic message- can anyone decode what she is trying to tell us? UncleBruce, can you decipher her message?

  • observador

    No, I don't think they're getting crazier; they have been like that all along.
    JWs is the only religion on this planet whose people say "they symbolized their dedication to Jehovah" instead of simply 'they were baptized'.
    What a bunch!!!

  • silentWatcher

    With typically over 200 Philippino sisters and only a handful of brothers, the English congregations in Hong Kong are quite extraordinary.


    praise jeh-hobbie, going to fill out my Gilead application today, so I can serve where the need is greater!


  • Sunspot
    You know honestly, this is one of the things I miss about the organization. It was nice having instant friends/associates where ever I went. I would think you will find similar types of things in other religious meetups. But I don't want it if it means I have to accept all the crap. Then all you have in common is that you both brought the crap.

    After all the hassle of getting to an assembly site and trying to keep track of five kids and later on, a grandchild (and being extremely tired most of the time), I have to say that I enjoyed the comraderie (fakey as it was I guess) and meeting new folks from different countries.

    The most memorable for me was an International Convention in Toronto at the Copps coliseum and there were Korean brothers and sisters that sang the songs in Korean during the last session. They gathered in a circle on the ground floor, in their native garb, and it WAS most impressive. There WAS a feeling that I had never experienced anywhere else.

    As impressive as it was.....the fact that I began to see the huge flaws in the WTS teachings, the hidden secrets we never knew about and the lies we were all told, the glow wore off rather quickly. I left a few years later.

    Cleverly planned hype and contrived emotions are now a thing of the past.

  • purplesofa
    Such all-consuming joy, such plentiful happiness, as they wait in eager anticipation for their tribal deity to slaughter thousands of millions of men, women and children so that they can covet the land.

    Thats a rather eerie realization..........gives me the creeps.

    worse than the french ladies hat!!!!!


  • aquagirl

    im glad that all of you are as excited about the frenchwomans hat as i was..i forewarded it to an anthropologist buddy of mine and nearest he can tell,is that it is indeed a huge phallic symbol...w/wiccan undertones and homosexual suggestions..i think its demonized....

  • moomanchu

    What's with the native garb anyway ?

    Trying to tie different dress to certain countries seems a little worldly.

    What is the native garb for americans or british?

    A couple should dress like a congo brother and sister and show up in loin cloths.

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