How deep did you search to finally quit being a JW?

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  • Arthur
    about as deep as pulling a Murph out of my ass

    So, when you tell a Witness to "shove their teachings up their ass", I guess you aren't speaking in metaphors?

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    A Murph is when your underwear go up your ass and you have to pull it out

  • Arthur

    It's strange. Without ever looking at any kind of "apostate" material, my intuition began to tell me that the JW religion operated like a cult. (i.e. the worship of the organization and the Watchtower) I looked into the cult research of Steven Hassan, Margaret Singer, and Robert J. Lifton, and found staggering similarities. I determined that it wasn't the truth long before researching any of the doctrines or going on any JW critical sites.

    It's strange how the G.B. insists that looking at "apostate" material will mislead JWs. But, I have found that many, if not most ex-JWs determined that the org was not the truth before even looking at any "apostate" materials. It seems as though the biggest enemy to the organization is not "apostates", but is the human intuition itself.

  • Mulan

    my husband did the research over a period of years, with a couple of his elder friends. He shared with me. I resisted and eventually did some of my own research to prove he was wrong. All I did was prove he was right.

    It took years though, because it was so ingrained...............almost 50 years worth from the age of 4.

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom
    A Murph is when your underwear go up your ass and you have to pull it out

    Where I come from it's called a "wedgie"!

  • Dansk

    I did do research, but one really doesn't have to dig deep because the teachings are just superficial garbage! Scratch the surface and the shallow foundations are plain to see.


  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    It took me a good while before I allowed myself to do proper research, I had already left and the reason was I became so unhappy in it, I realised if there was a paradise (something I could never see in the Bible) I would never make it, and with a heavy heart full of guilt I left. I made sense of the way I felt and the things I didnt agree with by doing the research.

    CS 101

  • Moomin

    Hi, It's a wedgie here too.

    I was only a witness for a few months but I noticed how very quickly I became so down-hearted. People were always assuming things about me (not just me, others too) and most of the time they couldn't be further from the truth. It really got me down and I tried to ignore it but it didn't work.

    Just little things like assuming I forgot to hand in my report before I went on holiday. I had handed it into the elder before I went. While I was away the elder's wife was on fs with another lady and they had a conversation about how I probably forgot so while I was in Centerparcs with my unbelieving husband, I suddenly got bombarded with loads of text messages telling me how I forgot to hand it in and to tell her how many hours I've done. I was so annoyed, she later sent another message saying not to worry as her husband had informed her that I HAD remembered. No apology or anything or hope your having a nice holiday. My suspicions were raised and I felt like it was a sign of things to come. Which it was.

    Plus the intense interest in my husband and trying to get him to the meeting or round someones house for dinner was far too hassling for me to deal with. I did ask one person to stop asking me in the end but he ignored me.

    I was really looking forward to learning about the Bible but there were too many times when I came home and realised I had learned nothing and couldn't even remember what the talk was about.

    Since then I've been reading the Bible myself and put faith in my own mind rather than someone else's and have found that I've learnt a whole lot more.

    These off-putting incidences and much more came within a period of 10 months and then after I left I started researching.

    Sorry for the rant :(

  • Dansk
    Sorry for the rant :(

    Why? After what you (we) have been through you have every right to rant!


  • Hecklerboy

    No research here. My old congregation had lots of love but the new one I moved to could have cared less about me. Even though I was very active in the FS and at the meeting. Only one phone call in over 4 years. Mind you I had moved to a new town were I didn't know anyone. Even when I was sick and missed work and meeting for 2 weeks, not one phone call to check on me. Just a "where have you been" when I started back to the meeting. My "worldly" workmates came to visit and help me out. That really made me think. So one day at a Curcuit Assemlby a was looking around and realized how miserable I was. I got up and left in the middle of the program. Never went back after that. Only later did I start searching the internet and found and this site. Now I'm finding lots of information so I can help my family out when the time is right.

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