How do you deal with telemarketers?

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  • MidwichCuckoo

    Brill - got that one (on series One)

  • Jim_TX

    Well... it depends. The locals used to call, and try to get me to subscribe to the local newspaper. Trouble is, they only offered it everyday, or the weekend (Fri, Sat & Sun). I only wanted it on Sunday, and so would just pick it up on Sunday at the local stores. They would try their best to get me to subscribe - and I would tell them that I didn't want Fri & Sat - only Sun. No matter the cost. I also told them, when the newspaper offered what _I_ wanted to buy - then they could call back.
    *sigh* There musta been lots of others out there that were saying the same thing... now they offer it only on Sundays. I still don't subscribe though.

    There are others... the long delays... me saying...
    *me monotone voice* "Hello" "Hello" "Hello"
    *them finally saying* 'hello...'
    *me monotone voice* "Hello" "Hello" "Hello"
    *them a bit frantic* 'Hello? Can you hear me?'

    Or - another favorite
    *me* "Hello?"
    *them* - silence/delay
    *them after a long pause* "Hello?"
    *me* - silence/delay
    *them - a bit frantic* "HELLO?"
    *me* - still pausing
    *me* - finally "Hello?

    Others... well, they can be pesky. When they're trying to sell long-distance phone services, they think that they're the lowest price in town. They start by asking me how much that I spend on long-distance - per month. I usually tell them about $5.00. They start to stutter a bit... their long-distance costs more... but 'wouldn't you like to try it, anyway?' I ask them 'Why would I want to pay more?' That usually gets 'em. They still try to get me to sign up, and I am hanging up.

    I've also had the ones call 'looking' for someone.
    Them - "Is Mary Smith there?"
    Me - "No, she isn't."
    Them - "Well, can you tell me when she will be there?"
    Me - "I'm sorry - you have the wrong number."
    Them - "But, you said that she wasn't there ..."
    Me - "That's right. She isn't - and she doesn't live here, either. You have the wrong number."

    I also used to have fun with the solicitors who would come around, trying to sell the newspaper. I would tell them that I couldn't read. That would throw them off a bit. *grin*

    Jim TX

  • undercover

    I have caller ID and call blocking. If they don't allow a name and number to display it won't come through. Telemarketers have gotten around that by giving their location as their name so I get calls from Phoenix or Seattle or some other faraway place where I don't know anyone.

    Normally if I don't recognize the number and it's a long distance call I let the answering machine get it, but if I don't want to hear the phone ring 4 or 5 times before the machine picks up, I'll pick up the phone and then immediately hang up with out saying anything.

    By letting the machine get it, if its a legitimate business, say my mortgage lender or insurance company, they'll leave a message. Telemarketers just hang up.

    When, on the rare instance, when one gets through and I answer, the second I recognize that its a telemarketer, I hang up with out speaking. That may seem rude to hang up on a caller, but telemarketers are the ones who escalated this war. Once they became a nuisance it was time to deal with them accordingly. I don't do business with people who cold call on the phone and I don't like being disturbed by strangers entering my home unannounced, therefore I quickly put an end to as quickly as possible, without worrying if I was rude or unpleasant.

  • Bstndance

    My boss still gets calls for his father. He died in the 80's.

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