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  • vitty

    I know we've heard a lot of horror stories about JCs and getting disfellowshipped.........................but what is your experiences of continuing going to the meetings to be reinstated.............what did it REALLY feel like?

    Did you mind being ignored or did you understand it and take it on the chin?.................................What were your familys treatment of you during the period of having to sit on the back row????

    When I saw ppl comming in late and leaving early .....................I just knew it was wrong, wrong , wrong to treat ppl that way.

    In fact I got told off for smiling at a sister who I knew genuinly wanted to come back,( the POs wife told me ) I did it out of human feelings and was then blasted.

    After she got reinstated, I was the first person she came upto and introduced herself. She said she will aways remember me smiling at her and that it helped.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Vitty,

    Personally I'd never go back, and do what it would take, to be found moral enough to be in their "good graces". Screw all of them. They can kiss my ass.

    As far as to how I treated those in Hover's Penalty Box ™ , was, I always made a point of giving them a smile and a 'nice to see you here' nod.


  • mariposa

    I always sat on the back row and I was never df'd!

    I remember 2 people who were trying to get reinstated. One was the son of an elder and he was always sitting right next to his family.

    The other girl, I always felt so bad for. I mean, what the hell, trying to get someone to "come back to the truth" by ignoring them? Yeah, that's the way to do it.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Never liked it. Never agreed with it really.

    Often I would nod and smile and even say a quiet hello to those in that position.

    Never been Df'd. Though our fine locals are working on that one now. But I don't think I will have to worry about sitting in the back of the KH. I would rather sit in the back of a squad car - at least the cops in the front row will speak to me.


  • vitty

    Its just such a ridiculous concept.....................

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I can't speak from past experience, and there won't be any future experience either, I will never go back to that, but I remember one or two that did get reinstated. One guy sat at the back of the hall for around 18 months, with only the attendants and elders speaking to him, before he got reinstated. He looked very miserable about it most of the time, nut maybe he thought it was worthwhile in the end, he was still attending when I left.

    One thing I do remember was a certain reluctance in a lot of jws, including elders, to really accept those who had returned. Some even said they no longer felt they could trust them after they had turned their back on jehovah. It seemed to me that those returning needed support, not suspicion, but that's how many regarded them.

  • karen96

    There was one guy who was out over 10 years and was coming back. He would sit near the front, three seats in. This was so his brother and SIL would sit next to him, which they did. Who else would sit next to him?

    When he did get reinstated, we had a real hard-line elder, and when he was about to announce the reinstatement, he would always tell the cong that they couldn't applaud. WHY?!? Shouldn't we have been happy someone returned to the borg? I don't understand how making someone feel unwelcome would push them to return.


  • BlackPearl

    Geez, what has a little human compassion ever hurt? I agree, I've always made an extra effort to show a little love for those who were df'd, they're human, just like me, and deserve as much encouragement as anyone else. They're not sub-human, like an animal, but that's how they're treated. It's that very act of love that Jesus was so keen on, showing love to you brother, not judging him for what he may or may not have done.

  • rocky220

    After not going to a KH in 3years....nobody noticed, questioned it....or gave a damn. After one home visit by elders, no JC the request of my mother. I moved out on my own. Again at the request of my mother, elders stalked my apt, knocked on my door, and they got put in their place [I guess they didn't like that], I was Df"d, it didn't bother me in the least cause The Spell was broken 3 yrs prior [1975] when Armageddon didn't's 2006 and blessings didn't stop coming to me because I no longer believed in the WTBS.....The Bible says," love God in spirit and in truth" you see it's ok to cut out the middleman.....rocky220

  • Crumpet

    You don't have to sit at the back vitty! I used to vary my seating position and sing louder than anyone else in the hall just to unnerve them and make my presence felt. I know that my overstudied watchtower and diligent note taking made them feel uncomfortable too! hehe!

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