How do you answer this question??

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  • LuciousJ

    Ok, I'm now DA'd as many of you already know. It's so fresh that my stomach turns everytime the subject comes up about religion. However, something that does puzzle me a how do you answer people when they ask you the question "What religion are you?" I could easily say "I'm a Christian" since that's what the majority of people consider themselves anyway. But, some people aren't satisfied with that. When they say "Yes, but what faith are you?"...How do you all answer??

    Just curious,


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I just say that I don't follow any religious beliefs at all, which I don't, and that satisfies most people. However, some probe a little deeper, and to them I will say that I'm an atheist, which is also true.

  • beautifulisfree

    If anyone asked me what religion I was when I was a witness I would say that I was a christian I was to embarrased to tell the truth..But, now if anyone asked I would tell them that I was raised in a cult and I now just believe in being a good person and I don't need a religion to have a relationship with God...If people aren't satisfied with that answer or judge me based on that answer Oh well....I don't care if someone thinks you NEED a religion!

  • atypical

    I would tell them, "It's against my religion to answer that."

  • looking_glass

    I have only had fundies ask me to be more specific. I in turn say that I feel that organized religion is sometimes a catalyst for evil (look at all the evils done in the name of god) and that I believe in being a good person. That I do not buy into the black and white, I am right and you are wrong, mentality of religions. Thus, I do not buy into organized religion and thus, I do not go by a religious title.

  • Outaservice

    I usually tell waitresses in restaurants that I belong to a small religious group that dosen't believe in tipping!

    Sometimes they still bring my food!

    Outaservice (just kiddin)

  • parakeet

    I don't answer if it's asked casually -- it's nobody's business but my own. If you feel compelled to answer, you could say with a smile that you never discuss religion and politics. Maybe not the most polite thing to say, but it's better than revealing information that's still very painful to you.

  • Warlock

    I tell them "I'm an ex-catholic and an ex-jehovah's witness and that is all I have to say concerning religion".


  • garybuss

    It's a rude question, kinda like "What do you DO?". I flip em both. On the religion question, I usually ask em, "What religion do you think I should be?".
    When someone's foolish enough to ask me what I do, I'll ask them, "DO about what?". They usually want to know how I make money. If that's what they want to know I'll ask them if they want to know how I make money. That sounds tacky but some still want to know so . . . I tell them I buy low and sell high. Men almost never ask that question. In fact I can't ever remember a man asking that question of me.
    I have a different answer for every person. Usually an ignorant person will ask an ignorant question. A sophisticated person never asks a tacky or rude question in my world.

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    People often get confused looks on their faces when they ask me and get my answer.

    I hate religion, and do not consider any religion valid if they do not have active charities serving the poor and needy in the world. Religion is man's attempt at godliness.

    However, the reason they are confused is because they may know I am regularly involved with a non denominational church.

    We all have to asnwer that question for ourselves and there was a time that I did not have an answer at all because I was still researching.

    I had to discover the real me, if there was a God- the real God, and where I fit in. That can take awhile. Enjoy the journey.

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