Disco Banned?

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  • Swan
    .....I grew up in the 70's and disco was Forbidden as the beat promoted sexual urges

    When you are a teenager even Kingdom Melodies promote sexual urges!


  • done4good

    Somehow I remember this from childhood. I seem to remember an Awake article "Disco-Is it for You?" Then I remember my mother and aunt talking about the magazine saying something about the beats being of some ancient Druid origin or something like that. Just more jdub nonsense.


  • xjwms


    We were even told that if you played it backwards......you would worship satan.

  • Dagney

    I remember visiting Bethel in the early 80's and there was a standing Friday night dance at a local club attended by many Bethelites. And didn't they find a secret disco in the basement somewhere? I don't think that was a Bethel legend...I seem to think that really happened...then they clamped down on all of it.

    I remember in the 70's having a garage party with several elders in attendance...we did the twist and limbo...it was just a dance party for chissakes! INNOCENT as can be...just dancing! Then some young OR newbie gets out a mag article and goes to other elders and raises a big o stink. I think that was in '72.

    But in the long run...it sure didn't stop any of us from going out and dancing, thankfully.

  • lisavegas420

    I didn't get to go...but some of the other 'weak' ones did. oh and someone mentioned 'grease'...I went to this with about 5 other witnesses. I loved the movie, the dancing, the music..I was pumped when we left. Then sister do-goody...said..."well just another example of a good girl gone bad." ---->opps


  • xjwms

    I remember at the assembly they said that s study was done.....

    on the Rolling Stones music.... .....that prolonged listening would reduse your energy by 50%

    the reason being that .....their beat was opposite the human heart beat.....meaning that the body has to work harder

    to listen to the music...thus reducing energy.

    One brother I know went out and bought more....and even bought me an album as a gift.

    that album was "some girls" I have it and its not been played much......I need all the energy I can muster.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre
    We were even told that if you played it backwards......you would worship satan.

    If you play it forward you worship Polyester

  • mama1119

    I remember one time we were at a Dub graduation party and they were playing on INXS song and it said " I need you tonight" and an elder immediatly walked up to the kids playing the music and made them turn it off becasue it said that...not disco I know, but thought Id share

  • Beep,Beep

    I'm of the opinion that disco music SHOULD have been killed before it ever got started.

    To qoute some lines from an Everclear song:

    " I like pop, I like soul, I like rock but I never liked disco"

    Loved the video with "Disco sucks" on the t-shirt.

  • Beep,Beep

    ""Grease and Saturday Night the disco movie were banned too""

    News to me! Never heard such a thing when I was there in the 70's

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