What bothers you more, snakes or spiders

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  • restrangled

    MsMcDucket, I just jumped back in my chair and almost tipped over. Please next time give some fair warning.

    Pretty PLease!!!!


  • juni

    Both if they are poisonous.

    Though I can take snake handling over spiders crawling on me.


  • kid-A

    I love snakes and had several pet Garters. I had one named Seth that was extremely cute and affectionate and would take naps on my arm as he loved the warmth. Granted Garters

    are totally harmless and tame. As for spiders, they dont really bother me and I appreciate them around the garden as a natural form of pest control. My only big freak-out is "millipedes", I mean the ones with a million legs that you see scurrying around the floor. I find earwigs and cockroaches disgusting as well.

  • MsMcDucket

    Sorry about that Restrangled!

  • ballistic

    I hate spiders. I posted on here once in the middle of the night after the feet tapping of one woke me up, and it was just above my head in bed.

    I managed to kill it by spraying it with aerosol grease but not before the massive thing just kept walking around looking like a sticky alien.

  • JH

    I have 2 pet spiders.

    I HATE snakes. That's HATE with a capital H A T E !!!!!!

  • Stealth453

    I have two pet snakes. A 9 foot reticulated python named Monty, and a 4 foot Asian Viper named Killer. I HATE spiders. That's HATE with a capital H A T E !!!!!!

  • crazyblondeb

    SPIDERS!! Right after I moved back to this miserable state, I got bit by a brown recluse. Spent a week in the hospital. Guess where I got bit!!?? Right on the chin!! Have a nice scar now!! It swelled so bad, I couldn't hardly swallow for a couple days!

    I can deal with snakes. Used to go on rattlesnake roundups in texas on the red river!!

    How about ticks??!!!!!! YUCK!!!

  • Stealth453

    In the Philippines, we have a nasty little thing the locals call "tungaw". In english it's "red mite". The nastiest little piece of work I have ever had the misfortune of encountering. Usually goes for the private spots, and causes extreme swelling, and an itch that would make Satan curse his own mother. Oh, ya, and it lasts for weeks. But I still hate spiders.

  • Robdar

    Neither bothers me although occasionally I have nightmares about snakes. S. Freud would enjoy analyzing them, I'm sure.

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