What bothers you more, snakes or spiders

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  • BookOfJude

    I'd have to say spiders bother me the most... can't stand them. Snakes don't really bother me that much--though maybe I'll change my mind once I see Snakes on a Plane. :)

  • morty

    I guess it would be spiders since we own a couple of snakes as pets!!

  • lola28

    snakes,snakes,snakes,snakes and snakes.


  • daystar

    Little ones don't bother me in the least. I keep a respectful distance from the larger sorts, except perhaps tarantulas since they're just so cuddly.

  • Backed away
    Backed away

    Definitely Snakes, there were plenty of them slithering around in the KH I was part of and sadly their still there!

    The Horror!!

    Sarcasm aside, it's still snakes..

  • restrangled

    Spiders, we have huge monsters here in Florida (about the size of your hand), they can jump about 6 feet. No kidding!


  • hambeak

    I don't mind spiders except for black widows and brown recluse.

    Now Snakes HELL NO I have a definite phobia about them.

    When I was a little kid living in Reno NV our neighbors took all my clothes off and held me down and put 3 little green water snakes from the Truckee river on me and let them crawl on me and I have had a phobia ever since. A couple incidents with diamond back rattlers in Reno but never bitten came close though.

    On a paradoxical note I am fascinated by them I have both Anaconda movies and also the movie Boa. I enjoy Steve Irwins specials on snakes. I guess I'm just nuts

  • dobbie

    Spiders definately! I was always scared of them growing up, i remember my dad squashing one right next to my pillow once and whenever i slept on that particular bedding i couldn't sleep. When i left school i had a stint working in a pet shop, where they sold tarantulas and pythons. I used to be terrified even to look up at the spiders. The other girls there were really bitchy and knew i was scared, they chased me out the shop with a snake once.One day a tarantula had died and before i knew it they had grabbed hold of me and one of them stuffed in down my back and squashed it. I was terrified and stripped off my uniform in the middle of the shop, one of its legs had come off in my bra, i've never felt so dirty and when the boss heard she laughed her head off. (I was so glad when that shop closed down!) It left me petrified of spiders for years to the point i had to check and remake my bed several times every night and would have to sleep with the light on so i could keep checking for them. Then i dated my husband who thought when i told him all this, that it would be funny to chase me with one in his hand(big spider not a little one), the second time he did it i told him (and meant it) that if he ever did it again i'd call it a day, thankfully he stopped! I'm still scared of them but can at least cope with money spiders now!

    I love little rodents like mice hamsters etc though and when i was at the pet shop ended up with a bedroom full of them to save them from the girl who used to come in to buy the smallest ones to feed to her pet snake!(My room must have stunk - my poor mum!)

  • MsMcDucket

    I hate them both equally. We have Wolf spiders and recluses. The Wolf spider is scarier looking, but the recluse (aka Violin Spider or Fiddle back) is more dangerous. I told you about the prank my husband played on me. He gave me this jewerly box; it had a fake spider on a spring; of course, it sprung out and scared the hell out of me! You never seen a person throw a box down so fast!

  • pobthespazz

    Not that keen on either but hate cockroaches the most, the flying ones..............

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