What is the JW View of Clowning :o)??

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  • Seeker4

    (I threw this into the "JW View of Cloning" thread yesterday, and thought maybe a few would like to have some fun with it so I gave it its own thread.) There was this comment in a letter to the body of elders about clowning in March 2003:

    "As to the matter of clowning, we can see from Phil. 2:7 that wearing makeup, outrageous wigs, red ball noses, and especially incredibly oversized shoes, was forbidden in the early Christian congregation. Tertullian the Lesser, writing in 227 CE, notes that it was only in his time that clowning began to creep into the congregations. In fact, by the end of the 3rd century, it seems that many of the local Body of Elders were composed entirely of clowns, a problem that has continued to plague even Jehovah's modern day organization."

    S4 - of the being a clown class (or is that class clown :o) ?)

  • LovesDubs

    This from the people who frown upon frivolity at even WEDDINGS as being SATANIC!! jeeez what a bunch of dead heads. No oral sex, no congregation picnics, no going to clubs, no joining the Y, no large parties, no raising your hands or even your VOICES to sing praises to Jesus...or you get the LQQK from the rest of them. Dont you get caught having FUN you apostates!!

    "So....what size is the pole up YOUR ars Brother Stickinthemud?"

  • Seeker4

    Hey, Lovesdubs, this is satire here!


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I like it S4.

    They are clowns alright, but they just don't realise it.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    This is a Revelation which God gave to Jesus who sent it by means of an angel to show John in signs the things that must shortly take place. And before me I saw, and look! it was a red rubber nose and the one wearing it wore an orange afro upon his head. In this afro there were three daisies, each bearing the name of Barnum and Bailey and the third could not be numbered by any one on the earth except he who held the rubber mallet in his hand. "Tell me, I asked, who is this clown and what does he mean when he says, "Honk honk?"

    It was given me to understand that Jehoober of Armchairs had numbered the days of man it there were 42. Out of the fire came a car bearing ten clowns screaming accross the sky shouting, "Howling, howling, howling is Jehoober of Armchairs." The strength went out of my legs as if I were stricken by fear, and I was. I fell as if one with no strength, and I had none. In each clowns hand there were seven cans of silly string, each a different color. And as they sprayed me the said, "Happy and Howling is he who can explain the mystery of the can of snakes. Let him who has rubber ears hear what the spirit says to the clowngregation.

    Ok, you get the idea.


  • gwyneth

    rotflmao, W.Once!

  • sf

    View of JW Klowning:


  • Arthur

    I can just see the Watchtower article now:

    WT 8/15/07 pg.22


    "Clowning has become a popular pass-time in many Western countries. Many Christians have even joined in on these activities claiming that it is just harmless fun. But is it? Would we not want to make sure that our means of recreation is pleasing to God?

    Clowning has several pagan roots which stem all of the way back to ancient Babylon; the center of false worship. According to historian Josephus, many citizens of Babylon celebrated pagan orgies by dying their hair and wearing brightly-colored garb. Would Christians want to participate in any activities which contain pagan origins? The Apostle John warned honest hearted ones to flee from Babylon the Great and to not pariticipate in her sins. (Rev. 18:7,8)

    Considering the pagan roots of clowning then, would Christians want to participate in anything that might jeopardize their relationship with Jehovah God? The Apostel Paul conseled Christians to 'put on the new personality which was created according to God's will in true righteousness and loyalty'. (Eph. 4:22-24)

    Considering all of the Babylonish roots behind clowning, it is appropriate that Christians refrain from such activities. Would we not want to remain clean and wholesome in God's righteousness? Let us therefore 'do all things for God's glory', and remain steadfast in our worship to our Grand Creator, by proving ourselves to be without spot and without blemish from the world. (Eph. 5:185,16)

  • aquagirl

    wasanelderonce,and arthur,you'all slay me!!!!i think that you have both captured the true essence of dubism!!!!bravo!!!

  • blondie

    *** w88 5/15 p. 27 Insight on the News ***


    for Christ?

    "Gospel Clowns on the Road" was the headline that appeared in the Church Times, a Church of England newspaper. It was heralding the annual visit of the Church Army Roadshow to selected seaside resorts in England and Wales. Founded just over a hundred years ago as a wing of the Church of England, the Church Army was to evangelize "among the outcasts and criminals of the Westminster slums."

    Today, Church Army leaders are still concerned that "evangelism should be given its rightful place." Their Roadshow aims to present the gospel in a "humorous way to people who have little previous experience of God, and who wouldn’t dream of coming to an event held in a church or church hall." The costumed "Gospel Clowns" in the roadshow hope that "their dedicated fooling about will at least make passers-by stop and listen for a while," notes the Church Times.

    However, while their clown attire, buffoonery, and free balloons attracted many children, adults were left wondering what this approach had to do with the evangelism initiated by Jesus Christ.

    True, the apostle Paul wrote: "We have become a theatrical spectacle to the world . . . We are fools because of Christ." (1 Corinthians 4:9, 10) But what did he have in mind? Clowning or "fooling about" to attract passers-by? No. Paul was illustrating how the world considers Christians to be fools, "exposed to public ridicule and shame," as The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology puts it, on account of their faith and teachings.

    In contrast with the Church Army’s "Gospel Clowns," Jesus taught the crowds "as a person having authority." His ministry was straightforward and without gimmickry. As he explained, "Just as the Father taught me I speak these things." What was the result? "Many put faith in him."—Matthew 7:29; John 8:28, 30.

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