What is the JW View of Clowning :o)??

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  • blondie

    *** w83 7/1 p. 4 "A Form of Godly Devotion" ***


    Form of Godly Devotion"

    IN THE face of dwindling support, the churches are trying desperately to rally or revive their membership. But the tactics they employ often make things worse. They exploit the pleasure-oriented mentality. How so? Consider a few examples of what the churches are doing to lure the unchurched to the pews:

    "Today there are 3,000 clown ministry groups in the U.S. who put on big noses and suits of many colors in order to serve God," reports Time magazine. Troupes calling themselves ‘Fools for Christ’ or ‘Holy Fools’ dance, juggle, mime, ride bicycles in church and pass out popcorn and throw confetti and balloons at the congregation. In Saskatoon, Canada, a convention of the Canadian Association for Pastoral Education included a course in "Christian clowning" as a means of reaching people.


    w65 6/1 p. 329 par. 6 Joyfulness All the Day Long ***

    To be sure, this old system is full of entertainers, merrymakers and clowns of all sorts, not to mention peddlers of the so-called "happy pills," all of whom induce much lighthearted laughter among those who are "lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God." (2 Tim. 3:4)

  • apostawriter

    What would the Dubious 12 say about Krumping? (wikipedia it)


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    They are going to start telling the youth in the hall, instead of heading off to Clown College, many of our youth may want to take this opportunity to serve Jehovah by working part time at McDonalds and full time service, sure the prospect of a career as a clown may see glamous but we are in end times and chances are if you choose to seek a life as a clown you may never be able to finish Clown College before armageddon, so would you rather be serving jehovah and waking people up early saturday mornings, either way you still get to look like a clown.

  • dilaceratus

    When I was quite young, I endured a Sunday afternoon convention tirade by Governing Body member Albert Schroeder in which he was highly indignant that modern society did not force distinct modes of dress upon the sexes.

    An example he provided of this horrifying trend was that of an outrageous Witness woman who attended a costume party dressed as Groucho Marx. Had I held any doubts that this was a religion of uncultured literalists, they would have vanished upon hearing what I casually reckoned was the stupidest public utterance I had ever heard.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Karl Marx talking crap about Groucho Marx

  • okie46

    "Thou shalt not clown"

  • free2beme

    I don't remember a lot mentioned on clowns, but I know I have never been a big fan of clowns since I read Stephen Kings It.

  • ackack

    Actually, I worked as a clown for a few years. There was another jbot sister who worked with me, and DAMN she was hot. :)

    I can still do all the balloon animals. And quite a few magic tricks. You can imagine how making coins disappear was received at the hall.


  • SirNose586

    What would the Dubious 12 say about Krumping? (wikipedia it)


    Suggestive dance with roots in pagan Babylon. True Chistians TM refrain from dancing in anyway that could be enjoyable, lest we invite demons into our hips and knees.

  • monkeyshine
    I can just see the Watchtower article now:

    WT 8/15/07 pg.22

    Hey Arthur, that was perfect! I would bet my life that you could read that at the hall and they'd be preaching it to their kids the next day. You must be inspired!!! --LOL

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