What is the JW View of Clowning :o)??

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  • Mistah MOJO
    Mistah MOJO

    Jeez Louise! When I first became involved in the JWs at age fifteen, thirty eight years ago, we had dance parties with live rock bands and strobe lights! We had parties and dances on a regular basis. People could smoke and drink! Even kids under eighteen smoked! We were radically different from, say, the Baptists. (I knew a lot of Baptists)

  • BookOfJude

    Coulrophobia is rampant in the borg, eh?

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Yes, they already have a theme song. "Send in the Clowns".......but then........"they're already here......."

    Must be why I wanna call the CO a circus serpent.

  • Seeker4

    Of course clowning has roots in pagan religion. EVERYTHING has roots in pagan religion, including Christianity. It's a perfect world for the WTS because it gives them a basis for condemning anything they want.

    And I think there must have been a time when the Society was on a tear against costume partys, as all the DOs were mentioning them negatively when the met with the elders at the assemblies. At one the DO put down some poor sister because she attended dressed as George Washington.

    What assholes.


  • blondie

    A technique the WTS uses to blacken something is to only feature negative news articles about it, see my examples above.

    Not that the WTS doesn't try to "hide what they are" behind a disguise.

    ( Psalm 26:4) I have not sat with men of untruth; And with those who hide what they are I do not come in.


  • SirNose586
    And I think there must have been a time when the Society was on a tear against costume partys, as all the DOs were mentioning them negatively when the met with the elders at the assemblies. At one the DO put down some poor sister because she attended dressed as George Washington.

    What assholes.


    Oh, they still are! About four or five months ago, there was a costume party amongst the youngins in our hall. I didn't want to go. Sure enough, they took cell pictures of the event and eventually they ended up in the elders' hands. The inquisition began. A good friend of mine was caught crossdressing. I got questioned if I went, but thankfully I didn't go. Not too long after the investigation ended, there was a local needs part on the dangers of crossdressing.

  • BrendaCloutier

    "Clowns to the left of me... Jokers to the right!

    Here I am Stuck in the middle with You'ou'ou 'ou'ou!"

    This thread made my week! I'll be chucking for days. I especially love the photo gallery of the clowns of the WTBTS, and Blondie's WT articles. The fake article was a hoot, too. You guys slay me!

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I can just hear it:

    <eyes wide, paranoid> .. no.. no.. not exactly. Let's try this: . Much better.

    "Oh dear! NOW what am I to do with those size 16 red plastic shoes under my bed?!? I was going to wear them with my lime green granny skirt out in service this weekend!"

    Actually, I do have size 16 red plastic shoes under my bed. They were the result of a none-night-stand that I had with a blind date arranged for me by my cousin's husband's sixth cousin in Baltimore. He picked me up in a polka-dotted VW bug. Actually.. should I say blind date(s)? A bunch of them got out of that car. I'll never forget it. I have long since disposed of the other 11 pairs, but kept one pair for posterior-arity. Or whoever's posteriorarity that offends me at the moment!

    Ask Mr. CG... no.. he's not going to be nice in answering you since one of them's missing at the moment!

    Do they allow clowning? No. But if they did, they'd have to move to Florida to be near the clown college. Wait.. they don't allow college.


  • james_woods

    Non-apology contrarian view from actual experience.

    I had this non-JW hellcat of a little blonde single mother girlfriend back in the early nineties who wanted me to help her get her kids out on Halloween to TrickorTreat. She got the older boy a count Dracula suit and he was fine with it. The younger kid had to make do with a Clown suit because that was all they had left.

    Younger boy puts up a howling scream-fit that you would not believe while she was dressing him up. He got a pretty good spanking for it got in the car with us but would not go door to door when the time came. Just wanted to sit with me in the Vette.

    Turns out he confesses to me (in one of the first little man-to-man talks of his entire young life) that his mom forced both of them to sit and watch the entire made-for-TV show about John Wayne Gazy starring Brian Dennehy back in those days. He came out of this experience with absolutely no knowledge of homosexuality or pedophilia or anything else except for one simple fact: A Clown is a dangerous sociopath and he will kill you. Jordan, at the wise age of 7 years, did not want to be a clown.

    Wherever you are, Rhonda, I think I miss those two boys more than you.

  • Jim_TX

    I know of a fella who is a JW - who is also a clown - by profession.

    When I was married - the wifey invited him and his wife over for a dinner/barbecue - which was outside.

    This fella musta been a heck-uv-a kid growing up in the JW religion. He was telling all sorts of stories of pranks that he pulled.

    (I seem to recall he mentioned picking up bits of a mannequin on his way home one day - and taking the 'arm' to a meeting. Sitting behind a 'sister' he would raise the arm, and the sister in front of him would get called on to answer. Funny as heck!)

    Heck - even now, he is still doing them... and somehow he gets away with it.

    He told of one time he was out in field service - with the visiting Circuit O. - and was doing all sorts of ventriliquism - voices in the distance - a bookbag with a 'voice', etc. The visiting C.O. never caught on that it was him.

    He is able to do all this stuff - and keep a straight face. I dunno - I would be cracking up.

    He also did a 'barking dog in the distance' - and our two dogs that we had - went nuts! They ran to the front fence and 'returned bark' to the obviously rude barking dog... that they couldn't see.

    I also noticed something though... his JW 'career' was slow getting started... they didn't give him much of the normal 'responsibilities' that they do others. But maybe he liked it that way.


    Jim TX

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