Did anything stick?

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  • agapa37

    I know that many who left the Organization left for there own reasons, which are interestingly similar. Is there anything (teaching) that stuck with them. I am mainly refering to the Princibles that are taught. Like our dealings with others. For instance maybe before we joined the Jws we were prejudice and through the teachings we over came that and became a better human. Maybe before we joined the Org we smoked cigs, but through the teachings we quit and started to feel a little healthier. Personal changes that made us a better person, things of that sort. Just curious.

    Just because there may have been some changes that made us better people during our experience with the JWS and we recognize it and acknowledge it despite leaving ,doesnt mean we regret our desicion to leave.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I agree that there are benefits to being a jw, such as not smoking, using drugs, heavy drinking, all of which are bad for your health (although I do know a few current jws who drink a lot)

    However, the joys of being free from the org by far outweigh any benefits I may have gained from being a jw.

    Within reason, I can do, say and think what I like now, privileges which are denied to active jws.

    Actually, nothing much did stick. I can't forget being a jw, but I try to make damn sure that having been one doesn't influence the way I live my life anymore. I've never been one to make snap decisions, even pre - jw, and I still think carefully about any major ones, but what I don't do now is consult wts counsel on things I am thinking of doing, or ask some imaginary being in the sky if it's ok.

  • Legolas

    That's a good question, but for me ..nope nothing stuck!

    When I was 'called on' I knew pretty much nothing about the bible but I believed in god, now that I have looked into the bible I do NOT believe in it or ANY god at all!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    One concept I picked up in recovery was 'take what you need and leave the rest'. With that in mind, I met my wife while pioneering so that's a good. As far as teachings, I learned a great deal about hypocrisy and judgment so I try very hard to live with life now without being two-faced or passing judgment on others (probably don't succeed!).

    And I also learned how to stand up for myself, even if I am alone and on pain of being shunned, I learned the value of standing and fighting for what I believe in. So the 18 years in that sect wasn't a total waste.

    As for the rest, I left it in that sect. There is nothing from their doctrines, outlook, or way of life that are of value or are helpful to me.

  • agapa37

    Its only fair that I name some things that stuck since I started this thread. I know before I became a witness I was a mean and hateful person. Violent. Smoked cigs and did drugs. When I joined the JWS I immediately quit the Smoking but it took awhile for me to Develope the new personality. I can honestly say that the constant reminders of putting on the new personality and direction they gave to help me to do so has changed me forever for the good. Could i have done it without them? I cannot answer that question, because the path I was traveling on did not lend itself to change for the good unless it was shown to me.

  • mrsjones5

    Jws don't have the cornerstone on principles.

  • jgnat
    Could i have done it without them?

    The organization cannot BE without it's members. I suggest it was your will, in combination with the teaching, that helped you find a better way.

  • agapa37

    I agree with your statement jgnat, It was a combination of the two. That is what I was wondering when I started this thread. Not that im trying to solicite people for advocation of the ORG. but simply to recognized some positive changes that came from the training received while in.

  • mrsjones5

    This has been talked about before here. You're not the first to bring this up. But for me and others on this board the negatives outweigh the positives.

  • ferret

    I was a far greater Bigot in the borg then I am now. I am still guided by moral principles that has nothing to do with any particular religion.

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