message from God

by why144000 32 Replies latest social humour

  • nicolaou

    God, I've always wanted to know, do you watch people when they're . . you know, doing it?

  • okie46

    """""Same goes for survivors of accidents. Saying I was looking after you means I did not care about the other less fortunate ones. So much for a God who cares for everyone!"""" Ditto God, that is the same thing I have always suspected... Hey Outlaw.... only after 6 beers???? Dude, it hppens to me after only 2 beers!!!!

  • why144000

    Chuckie - I couldn't give a rats rectum about oscars or logies however I did help out Queensland in the last state of origin game!.

    Nicolaou - YES!! Only in the missionary position in future please.

    MissPeaches - I will see what I can do in the future.

    Any other queries before I shut up for another 2000 years? remember my email address is [email protected]

  • chuckie77

    I thought you must have helped Qld win the State of Origin, they wouldnt have won without your help!

  • chuckie77

    By the way Yahweh, where on the coast are you hanging out?

  • misspeaches

    Please don't go God! Please stay and play...

    um... um... what about... can you get Chuckie off the boat? Can you perform a miracle and get a new employee out there?

  • chuckie77

    Of course, you being God will understand what misspeaches means, but for everyone else...

    Next Wednesday I was due to get off the boat I have been working/stuck on for the past 42 days. Anyway, Ive found out that my replacement isnt turning up and Im stuck out here for a few more days. This screws everything up because I was meant to be spending 6 days in Thailand on my way back to Australia, and a mate was flying to Thailand to meet up with me there.

    I havent had a beer in 6 weeks, Im NOT HAPPY!!!

  • jayhawk1

    God how do you pronounce your name. Is it pronounced Yah-Weigh or is it Joe-Hoe-Vah? Also, what happened to your wife Asherah? Why don't we hear from her anymore?

  • why144000

    Chuckie - I am staying at Hope Island this time. Holidaying incognito is fun. I was aware of your dilemma on the ship. While I could intervene I decided to help you learn patience. Also, there is far too much bad temptations in Thailand.

    Jayhawk1 - A common question. Actually my name has been been a mystery for ever. If you wish to post a prayer to me just address it to G. Hova. C/O Plaides, Heaven. I try not to open spam prayers, but sometimes they still get through.

    I have not decided if I will assist the Broncos tonight against the Bulldogs. For my Son's sake, they certainly need my help!. If they win tonight it will be because I bent my rule about not helping sports teams.

  • Arthur

    Hello God.

    I just have one question. Why did you give us men nipples?

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