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  • Rabbit

    My first post has not been read very well:

    Hmmm...Ok, I'm listening. If the parents didn't have anything to do with it I'll be surprised. They sure acted guilty...or maybe they are just odd. Either way, I hope there is resolution to this horrible crime.

    This was an OPINION, just like every other unqualified opinion from everyone who was not there. We all are influenced by TV, newspaper, internet, police and defence arguments. IN MY OPINION...they did not act in a way consistant with my experiences and knowledge of others I've seen. Lots of people suspected the parents. The police know the huge % of these type crimes are committed by parents or other close relatives...that is why they are almost always considered as suspects. I suspected the parents about 80%, I never was 'sure' could I be ?

    And really...what difference does my (or your) opinion make ? The facts will speak for themselves.

    CognizantJust because some people keep their emotions private and choose not to show them on national television does not mean they are not "feeling" the exact same thing that any parent of a murdered child feels. This is not odd in the least. It is a common personality trait and is also a common reaction when one is in shock from grief. It is hardly evidence of any guilt. Conversely, many guilty of crimes can put on quite convincing acts of innocence for the public. This means absolutely nothing.

    I repeat, for the last time. I hope if this guy is guilty of this particular crime, he gets convicted and he gets executed. This will release the stain of suspicion on her parents. I hope he is not just confessing for the notoriety. There needs to be closure on this.

    On another note: I wish this much attention and enormous police expense was given equally to poor people's kids who have gone missing or have been killed. It just always seems the pretty, white, rich girls get the real money thrown towards the investigations of their tragic deaths. I am taking nothing from them, but, there are thousands of kids killed like this in the US every year.

    We don't hear or see much about them.


  • MinisterAmos


    If Mom and Dad Ramsey had not had such a penchant for dressing up their little daughter like a whore, then the freaks of the world probably wouldn't have noticed and she'd still be alive. Playing "dress-up" is one thing, but these folks took attention-whoring to a new extreme. Reminds me of the 7 and 8 y/o cheer leaders practicing big-girl routines. They're CHILDREN you freaks! (and yes I'm shouting at the parents)

    I keep hearing about the "alarming" increase in sex crimes against children. Coincidentally, they seem to coincide with the willingness or permisssiveness of more parents to "Prosti-Tot" their young children.

    If you folks have not seen the pageant fotos of the little one, check them out. Excellent display of Southern big-haired Munchausen-complex there folks.

  • AuldSoul

    The increases in reported child sex crimes has much more to do with changes in the law regarding what constitutes sex crimes, changes in technology that allow easier real-world exploration of perverse fantasies, and changes in the social stigma attached to sex crimes. It is very likely that the number of crimes is not increasing so much as the percentage of victims who report is increasing.

    By "social stigma" I am referring to provincial prejudices such as the prejudice that parents or children somehow bring sex crime on themselves. In some less advanced countries this type of obtuse reasoning has resulted in laws that paint the victim of a rape as a criminal.

    Adults who are sexually attracted to prepubescent children (pedophiles) or who get a power-trip out of using children for sexual gratification (child molesters) cannot put off their proclivities on anyone else. They are mentally aberrant humans in a manner that society cannot tolerate, and they need psychological help.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    I am taking nothing from them, but, there are thousands of kids killed like this in the US every year

    It's cool Mr. Rabbit. I thought your first post was fine. And you make a great point. While horrific and tragic, this child's murder was no different than the tens of thousands of children raped and murdered every year. They are just as important, and valuable, as this little girl.


  • BizzyBee
    no different than the tens of thousands of children raped and murdered every year.

    'Scuse me.......where are you getting this? I think these numbers a vastly overinflated................

  • Rabbit

    Hey Cris,

    It's cool. You said nothing wrong. I don't normally react like that. I just don't like folks putting words in my mouth or twisting what I said. But, I'm not a grudge holder and "I'm feeling much better now..."

    Your friend, Rabbit

  • FlyingHighNow
    It just always seems the pretty, white, rich girls get the real money thrown towards the investigations of their tragic deaths. I am taking nothing from them, but, there are thousands of kids killed like this in the US every year.

    We don't hear or see much about them.

    I agree with you to a degree, my Bunny friend. Don't forget the Atlanta child murders though. Those victims weren't pretty white girls.

    And Shannon Melendi, she was hispanic. Her killer was finally convicted over ten years after she dissappeared, without a body. When he didn't win his appeals, he finally admitted he did kill Shannon.

  • bem

    Don't doubt the statistics as much as you doubt the reporting, becasue no matter how high the reports say the crimes agains children are thats only because we get what is reported, as statistics and remember the statistics are not mearly from the numbers that are called in they are from law enforcement where something is actually done about the crime.

    I worked for a while in a rape crisis center that took the initial rape calls from law enforcement then we had to contact the proper people to make sure the rape or alleged crimes was being processed properly. For instance a father atkes his little girl to the hospital, the hospital calls the rape advocacy center the age and other information is processed so we then decide which agency to call and which rape advocate takes the evidence, Then dad has to follow through, the District attorney has to decide if there is enough evidence to go to trial, has the alleged perpetrator offended before? did he serve time? So that means if another person has claimed that the alleged perp violated then or their children then that means law enforcement has to have a record of the prior report, two reports against the same person gets more attention for DA's and assissitant DA's. Then if it goes to court it becomes a statistic of okay here's a proven case, That being said, the cases that are reported and never followed through because of lack of evidence, parents get fearful of putting their child through the collection process, the DA's want solid cases after all they are expensive to try. The there are children that never report, are killed and we don't know what all happened to them. Parents won't turn in a person in the family. fear of losing the income perhaps that person offers, shame that a family member that violates children would place on the others in the family, all lead to under and not reporting this heinous crime.

    All youngsters that are violated may not be murdered but every child that is violated is not reported. I am more than sure Big Tex is about as accurate on his numbers as any of us can be.

    And Rooster you absolutley hit the nail on the head "money" draws the news. I am in total agreement with you this childs murder has been in the news for ten years cause it is a sensational story about a beautiful rich girl from a rich family.

  • bem

    And also I agree about the guy arrested being a real nut case, I read one report where his wife said she could not defend him! but then said he was with her in Georgia the night the child was murdered. So what exactly does that mean?

  • FlyingHighNow

    Shannon Melindi was also abducted and murdered in Atlanta.

    I think one reason wealthy white girls get the attention they do is because most people like to dream that money buys a measure of security and when a child is abucted or murdered who lives in an affluent neighborhood with a lower crime rate, it makes us all shudder, "Is there no safe place for children? "

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