Have you made what you consider to be life-long friends here?

by Crumpet 51 Replies latest jw friends

  • Quentin

    Re-connected with a friend from thirty years ago...a bonus of being on the board...

    Meet some good folks at the recent Apostafest in Dallas...several of us discovered we had one of those six degrees of separation things going on, that was a hoot... There was not one of them I met that I wouldn't mind seeing on a more regular basis. Look forward to the next one, hoping it will be in the dead of winter, I function better in the cold..

  • sass_my_frass

    I love you Crumpet! And I hope I can drop in for a coffe when Mr Frass and I do our Euro trip (one of these days we'll have the $$$)

  • Crumpet
    Crumpet- I'd like to have a sister like you!

    yeah thanks Lola - for NOT saying "mother"! hehe - love you kiddo - you are a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine and as bubbly as a bottle of coke and a bag of mentoes!

    Sass - you are very welcome - I make bad coffee but good herbal tea and even better Shiraz!

  • LittleToe

    I've made some great friends here. Why do ya think I go to so many Apostofests? You're a fun bunch of guys, some of whom have visited/toured with me, and some of whom I've stayed with. I'd give my right arm for pretty much any of ya!

    Y'all don' t know the meaning of the word "cold"

  • KW13
    I've only signed on to this site since June, I've had a few private messages that's all. However I know more about you guys on the forum than any jw's in the congregations that I served in for 15 years. Yet none of you know me at all. I've got to tell my story eventually and post more.

    ya should, its a good place to be

  • Quentin
    Y'all don' t know the meaning of the word "cold"

    Now Little Toe, you going to tell me it gets cold were you are? Aint nothin colder than the Texas Panhandle..

  • okie46

    (((((Aint nothin colder than the Texas Panhandle..))) Quentin... my oldest son lives out there and I agree!!! I am new here but have been really enjoying the board and it has been really helpful to me to read others experiences. I hope to get to know others better. Are there Apostafests in Oklahoma?

  • Quentin

    Welcome oakie46...

    Are there Apostafests in Oklahoma?
    Don't know...there oughta be...ex-jw's do like to congergate...have these thing from time to time in the DFW area...come on down next time...I guarantee you'll be welcome, aint nothing like it..
  • okie46

    I will keep my eyes open for the next one.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Yes. I have two lady friends I know from Women Awake and we talk regularly, one of them posts here as well. I visited her when I was staying in Connecticut last year: Sunny Gal. We know almost anything we tell each other will not shock the other. How can you feel anything but comfortable with a friend like that? She's also friends with the other lady from Women Awake. And that friend DID invite both of us to her wedding, we just weren't able to go.

    I have another friend who was a former elder, who hales from England, that I met here. He's a very nice fellow and we write once a week or so and share about our cultures, concerns and talk about music, etc. He's a true gentleman and has the honor of being one of the "Rainy Day People". Andy and I hope to meet him someday.

    Then there are people I haven't met or talked to on the phone, but I know we'd be good friends. Hey, Morty, I am still waiting for the invite to the ski resort you were thinking of buying a time share or something like that for. There are a few of you that I know would be very comfortable company.

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