How Many Here Have Ever Been Before A Judicial Committee???

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  • zanex

    3 times before a jc as an active comabtant and then i finally gave up...there didnt seem to be much reason to continue fighting with them...i just let them df me the last time...i was 17 and it was my third time fighting those bastards....i didnt even TRY to show any hint of anything even resembling a "repentant attitude" didnt care at that point...good times...(thinks back to that last nite, dang that post jc cigarette tasted good) lol...


  • frozen one
    frozen one

    I wonder if old widowers and widows who have get-togethers need to have "adult" supervision?


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  • Swan

    Technically, yes. But it was only after I wrote to the Judicial Committee and told them I no longer wanted to be known as a JW. They were very insistent that I meet with them so that they could talk me out of my decision. Only for my family's sake did I go to that meeting.

    It was a very strange meeting, since I really didn't recognize their authority over me any longer. Out of respect I let them say a prayer, but I was rather detached about it. I was rather detached from the whole process, as I already considered myself an ex-JW.

    They didn't persuade me of anything, but I now understand why they asked me certain questions. After hearing about the experiences of others, I now know they were trying to determine if I was an apostate, which I didn't consider myself to be at that time. In fact, I wasn't entirely certain that the WTBTS wasn't God's earthly organization, so I answered truthfully their questions, but my mind was made up that it was time for me to leave. Some bigoted statements on the part of one of the elders just reinforced my conviction me that I really didn't want to belong to their backward and judgmental organization any longer.


  • done4good

    Once. Not long before I began to re-evaluate what I had been believeing for the previous 20 or so years. Was publically reproved. The counsel I received was uncsriptural at best, and more of a witchunt, (by one of the elders), at worst. Even the society's own publications didn't support that counsel.


  • done4good

    btw, there looking for me again...


  • purplesofa

    Three times for me but only on two different crimes.

  • DannyHaszard

    Danny's Blog Danny Haszard kangaroo court experience

  • Virgochik

    OpenFireGlass, those must have been some raunchy little letters you wrote those innocent sisters, haha!

    Done4good, please keep us posted on how it turns out!

  • agapa37

    I have been on the recieving end of the committee. I must say that Mercy was shown and the meeting went just as it should have......An opportunity to help and encourage!

  • minimus

    When you think about it----elders are just men----no better or worse than any of us. Confessing your sins to them is ridiculous!

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