How Many Here Have Ever Been Before A Judicial Committee???

by minimus 63 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dave_T

    I believe they will all get what they deserve. Sooner or later.

  • justsomedude

    I've been called in to "testify" before a few and have had a few of my own.

    Even though I basically ratted on myself for my own commitees and was zealous to get my consciense clean, I did enjoy making one of the elders look stupid during my last one. He was playing the bad cop and was just being a real hard on. I made him look dumb enough that he actually apologized to me afterwards for not doing better.

    I guess I should be thankful though for that whole mess though. After my last JC I went on a zealous rampage and decided to read the bible and all the publications. Even though I had been shaken by the generation change and some other things over the years, actually reading what I professed to believe totally killed my faith.

    Just by the way, they never got too personal with me as far as details went on what I had done. Maybe they knew I would have told them to drop dead.

  • mandivided

    Twice....Once for drunkenness when I was 17 (I had been drunk a grand total of 3 times over 3 years) in which they told me I might have a

    "drinking problem". Acutally once it was at a JW friends wedding, I was 17 and totally wasted, dancing with the elder's wives....and they didn't

    have a clue! Got a Public Reproof for that one. And then a year ago for partying and smoking weed after I stopped going for a long time. Got

    the axe for that one.......thanks boys! Best thing that could have happened to me!!!!!!!

  • wonderwoman

    not all my sins were sexual...most of them maybe. but they always liked to ask who was playing with my breasts, no matter what the topic of the jc. i should have told them i was.

  • LittleToe

    Hehehe - this should be in the thread about things no-one else knows.

    I got a private reproof for stealing candy, as a kid. Seriously, the whole JC thang. It was miserable!

  • minimus

    LT, I hope the candy was worth it.

  • tijkmo
    After my last JC I went on a zealous rampage and decided to read the bible and all the publications...actually reading what I professed to believe totally killed my faith.

    ha me too

    what is with that

    (i started to read the insight as far as war crimes..couldnt believe what i was reading)

  • zenpunk

    A few times in my teens...I can really relate to Wonder Woman, it was horrible and they really wanted to know dirty details they could get off on. Back then I took it all so seriously and really tried hard to be a good j-dub. Now in hindsight I should have had a field day with it when sitting there with my parents. Like got really explicit and see if anyone squirmed or slobbered. After all, it was just a bunch of guys feeding their egos and hard-ons.

  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    Many times confessed to stuff, met with one or two elders each time, remained an Ms though.....Never been on a JC

  • nsrn

    Just once for me, age 18...damn my rebellious spirit!!!!!!

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