How Many Here Have Ever Been Before A Judicial Committee???

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  • okie46

    ((((((((..and now, the elders are clearly supposed to ask all these personal questions so that they can determine what type of sexual sin you committed.))))))))))))))))) The elders ask all those "questions" so they can go home and fantasize about it!! I have known of several elders who while sitting on people's judicial committees were themselves visiting prostitutes, having affairs or where active pedophiles.

  • Pistoff

    Boy, too many to remember. A few for drinking, back in the day; the most recent were not JC's but me taking the elders to the woodshed for announcing to the book studies that a large get together we were going to have (no alcohol, invite only, adults present) was WRONG according to the "slave". I hate the elders. They are worse than nothing; with nothing you expect nothing. With elders, the expectatations are high.

  • bonnzo

    ive been df'd 2 times. publicly reproved 2 times, privately(what a joke) reproved 3 times, so no ive never been before a judicial committee.

  • BoozeRunner

    I was on 2 - once as a teen I was "privately reproved" for "heavy petting"(translation - getting my freak on), and the second in my 30's after i was widowed and lost in life. I slept with my housemate, who, incidently was a nymphomaniac, multi personality inactive Witless who wasnt sure which of her personalities had sex with me and proceeded to charge me with raping her. Elder visited me in lock-up and asked 3 questions:

    1. did you have sex

    2. have you been smoking

    3. have you been talking to a DF'd friend ( incidently a lifelong confidante who knew me better than anyone)

    Yes to all...when I got out, they set up a JC and DF'd me over the objections of an appeal committee.

    The inactive sister? Nothing...She lied and I got DF'd. So much for justice in the WTS

  • minimus

    Are you SURE it was the "inactive sister"? Maybe it was one of the other ones.....

  • brutusmaximus

    I had 2 one for smoking dope which someone grassed me up for and got a private reproof and another for smoking normal fags and fighting, I got off with that as it was that ball sacks word against mine.

    Been in front of elders for other things but nothing too serious


  • beautifulisfree

    Of course I have been...all the kids are doing it!!

    Hey, I even lied (thank God) and they believed me.. I think I should have won an emmy...but of course when you are before a JC only there are only 2 things that will be the outcome...mine : Reproved. Ahhh shucks! I wish now that I would have been disfellowshipped and told them where to go!

  • wonderwoman

    I am so sorry to hear what your fam went through. Those assholes make me sick.

  • ButtLight
    Of course I have been...all the kids are doing it!!

    LMAO, as well as the grownups!

    Twice for me, and was df'd both times!

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Off subject but is it just me or does Openfireglass looks like Will Ferrell when he did the Unabomber bit on SNL

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