Kingdom Hall Experiences

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  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre
    People whom had a spouse pass away, and were married again within 6 months????????? wtf? We had a couple of those.


    she was upset that I was not happy for her but I was still dealing my my dad's death!

  • Warlock


    I think they do it because they are lonely.


  • tan

    Does anyone remember the "jerry curl?" Well this sister had one and we were whispering and writing notes as to what moisterizing lotion she should use. An elder was peeking over our shoulders as we were doing this and after the meeting he told our parents that we were talking about a boy named "Jerry." He was so busted when we took out our note and it was totally about hair. It was funny and you should've seen his face. I laugh with my mother everytime I think about it now.

  • tan
    People whom had a spouse pass away, and were married again within 6 months????????? wtf? We had a couple of those.

    Elders included. CO's too. What's up with that?!!!

  • tan
    A white "brother" talking to a black couple. " I know you two will be happy in the "new order" when you get to go back to Africa,"

    That is horrible!!! My mother was recently told by a brother that the new system will be blessed with strong sisters like her to take care of others. (They'll be strong because they'll be perfect--but to take care of others.) The nerve of some people...but this is God's organization. If it is I don't want any parts of it.

  • DesertRat

    I remember the spankings too. It was a rare meeting at which I didn't have to be taken outside at least once..

    There was an older Mexican brother in my first KH who was dying of cancer & frequently walked outside the Hall to get some air. One night as my mother was dragging me out for more discipline (my father would use a belt on me sometimes, but he never seemed to get the rush out of beating me that my mother did...& NEVER at the Hall!!), we ran into him & he weakly begged her in Spanish not to hurt the 'little angel' . I always wish that he could have lived long enough for me to thank him for rescuing my sore bottom that one time.

    I also remember those long, drawn-out prayers, especially at the end of a Sunday convention session. Phrases such as, 'Father, we realize we are imperfect...we fail many times...we can never hope to measure up to your high standards...' yadda yadda yadda...repeated three or four times..

    As if we hadn't already gotten the message!!!


  • RichieRich
    and he was hit 3 or 4 times

    I used to get spanked with my fathers thick leather belt. On my bare ass.

    "Licks" or strokes, increased with severity of crime and my mother's menstrual state. We started at 20. I one time recall over 100.

    I hate those sons of bitches. I'll stop at nothhing until they crumble.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I generally didn't have too many bad experiences at the KH. I did get hauled off to the bathroom a couple of times, but usually my mom waited until we got home, that way she didn't have to look bad.

    I remember there were certain older ones that always had to have the same seats, and if you were a visitor and didn't know, look out!

    There was one mother that didn't wait to start spanking her daughter until she got to the bathroom. She always sat in the middle of the third row and hauled that poor little girl by the arm, feet barely touching the ground with her wooden spoon clearly visible to all, sometimes spanking as she went along. Poor little thing would start crying before she even left her seat, you could see the terror in her eyes, she knew what was coming. When I saw that I made sure I was extra quiet, so my mom wouldn't get any ideas!

    Sometimes the police would sit in the parking lot and do radar. With the windows open in the summer you could hear the police radio. Atleast it was something interesting to listen to for a change.


  • JapanBoy

    There was one very nutty extra-disfunctional family, the Nelson's that were in our Book Study. My Dad used to be the conductor and the Nelson Dad used to be super stressed whenever his crazy kids acted up....which was often. One night he just sat there getting redder and redder in the face while his kid across the room was acting up. He had these viens in his head that gat bigger and bigger.

    Me and my two brothers just laughed at this jerk every time we saw him....but that night he really snapped and jumped upt dragged his 5 year old son up and out the basement door of our house and just started wailing on this poor kid until my Dad actually stopped the Book Study and went outside to make sure he didn't kill the kid. I don't know if there was any blood but this fool moved shortly after with his brainless ugly blond wife and there 3 poor kids.

    Thankfully there weren't many incidents like that....the guy was a total Nut!!!


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