The JW organization could be the best for finding women !!!!

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  • Quentin

    Hey earthtone...look at the "box of rocks" comment closely...

    Glad you made it out alive...some don't...

  • Arthur
    Get connections Get the woman of your dreams, And stay there untill you find a good job then leave. It will make the pain a lot easier to deal with if you at least take advantage of what an organization has to offer, Instead of just being taken advantage of and just leaveing with nothing like I did.

    My goodness.

    I don't know about you, but I have no intentions of marrying someone who evaluates a man's spiritual and moral character based upon what kind of "theocratic title" he has or how many hours he puts in service.

    I would much rather marry a "plain-Jane" type of girl who loves me for who I am deep down inside, and not based upon some superficial and rediculous spiritual check-list that's printed in a Watchtower.

    You guys can have your Stepford wives.

  • JWdaughter

    I couldn't say anything about Bethel, but I think JW men can be absolute dogs and get attached to women who are way too good for them.

    A good friend of mine married a nice young man who moved into her congregation. He was a JW, she met his family first, but the wedding was fairly soon after they met and became engaged. She soon found out he had horrible mental problems that his family had wanted hidden from the world-which is why he had moved x-country. And they were only too happy for him to marry a nice, beautiful JW girl who had an eneffectual set of parents who would not protect her(JW mom was an abused wife to a non JW alcholic wife beating creep). So I met up with her a few years later, 4 children under the age of 6, living on welfare, husband in and out of state institutions, who left her regularly with broken limbs and bruises. She was one of the most beautiful, delicate girls I knew, very faithful JW and would never leave him-this man who lied to her, would not support her and abused her with the aid and abetting by his family that precluded her from ever escaping the nightmare that her life had become. I worry about her to this day.

    I know of others who married various kinds of losers and stayed together because they had no scriptural reason to divorce. . .I am grateful that some of the marriages of my young friends were not unmitigated disasters from the get go, but most of them were. The fact is that there are HUGELY more women in the org than there are men. I don't know what that says about the women who are in-or at least the ones who stay or join as adults.

    For all the good guys, I hope they got wonderful spouses, ad all the nice girls-I hope they did too-or at least didn't hook up with jerks. Ah, if all the Bethelites are looking around for the pretty, malleable,meek, subjugated girls, I am glad I was always stubborn, homely and opinionated. NOT at all attractive to a guy who can get the gorgeous girls w/o even trying, but if they wanted meek and mild, they would have really avoided me as not being worth the effort to subjugate and subdue properly.

  • sass_my_frass

    If prissy, snobbish, gossipy uneducated high-maintenance supermodels are what you're after, you'll get everything you deserve, every day for the rest of your life.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    I think this Guy needs to join the 21st century!Though its probably not his fault ,being involved in an antiquated,sexist and deeply chauvinistic organization as the witnesses will encourage a warped attitude to the fairer sex.Many of us had it.

    The Women i was involved with whilst a jw were highly strung,deeply jealous,insecure and yes,obsessed with titles such as Elders,MS etc.Not painting everyone with a broad brush,it was just my first hand experience.

    Again i blame the Religion and its anti-social unrefined ways.

    Since being in the "world"i have had some great relationships and made a very close friend in 1 ex who,if i could ,would have as best Man when i get married to my Gf who incidentally is smart,lovely and sexy...but who DEFINITELY thinks for herself and says what she feels and when she wants.

    No,the Jw org is imo the very WORSE place for finding a Woman.In fact the thought makes me shudder. brrrrrrrrrr.

  • Arthur


    I think I found the perfect wife for you:

  • wozadummy

    Is'nt that .......Sister Chanti?

  • MinisterAmos

    There's a reason people are JWs and one of them is that they can't survive "in the world" for whatever their cocktail of problems is; sickness, mental problems, retardation, incarceration and UGLINESS are just a few.

    I was at the KH yesterday and the sister's faces looked like mole factories or something. Seriously, it's like many of them think that taking care of themselves would be a sin. JW women seem to wear out at a much younger age as well. There were a few hittable ones at my last Cong., but then their schedule would invariably leave them with those nasty bags and dark circles under their eyes. Young women too! Not even one I'd shake the bone at.

    There have been a few cuties that I've noticed but even at a District convention you're only talking about a handful.

    As far as material stuff goes the only Bethelites are always broke-ass. The couple in my congo that got kicked out a few weeks ago is always inviting us over to their house for dinner. I always refuse because they only serve rice and water. My other experience with a Bethelite was the one our PO wanted to bring over for the Memorial. We (the congo) had to pay his transport and lodging. I refused.

  • Slinky

    hehe that made me laugh sister chanti

  • sspo

    A beautiful spiritual one? Are you spiritual? If you're not, it won't last, your life is going to be miserable?

    You cannot fake zeal and spirituality.

    In my case i had a beautiful and spiritual wife but it was hell for many years, constantly going before elders for one silly reason or another.

    Will never marry a witness again even if she was a knockout,

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