The JW organization could be the best for finding women !!!!

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  • arrowstar
    The JW organization could be the best for finding women !!!!
    I prefer seedy biker bars and swinger clubs


  • riverofdeceit

    Were I a woman, I might find your attitude toward them rather offensive. Mayhap that be the reason you have no "lady friend".


    Bwa-ha-ha-ha!..JW organization the best for finding women???..Not my experience thats for sure..Beauty is fades,dumb is forever!..LOL!...OUTLAW

  • Twitch

    Bethel and the org is the best for finding women,.......

    of the Stepford Wives variety


  • mrsjones5
    The problem is that if you were raised a wittness then finding a nother religion to have the truth is almost imposible. Because of all the catholic Idols, everyone almost worshiping a cross, and also all those hollidays that came from pagans that people selebrate. unless you can read hebrew and greek you have to be able to trust someone to teach you the truth

    That's not really a problem when you find out that the "truth" is really a lie and you realize that the WTBTS and the FS are actually idols that the rank and file are encouraged to worship in place of Jesus and ultimately God.


  • dobbie

    Very nicely put Dansk you will have alot of fans now!

    Xbethelite you don't need a stunning beauty to have a family with, and the reason there are so many single jw girls seems to be that there are more sisters than brothers.I always feel sorry for all the single sisters i know 30 yrs and over because a lot of the brothers settle down later and then marry the ones in their twenties. Anyway if you had married a bethelite girl you could have had a hard time if she didn't agree with your views on bethel jws etc.

  • Quentin

    Hehehe...this is a funny thread. Most, not all of course, but most j girls I knew were dumber than a box of rocks. They didn't have to be that way, was the wt that made them so. There are beautiful women everywhere.

    I've been thankful for thirty years I married outside the "truth", as they call it. Can't imagine what life would have been had I married a jw girl. Misrable I expect, since so many of them cling to the wt and not their mates. Yes, I know works in reverse as well. Sad thing what a cult can do. Bit off topic.

    A beautiful woman is one who desires to make a life with you, but can stand on here own if needed. That is the beauty I would pursue. Probably some in your home town ex, just need to look past the makeup...

  • Finally-Free


    May God strike my genitals with gangrene if I'm ever stupid enough to get involved with another JW woman!

    If I want bagage I'll buy a suitcase.


  • earthtone

    Hey Hey Hey... although this guy somes moronic, you guys are starting to sound just as bad. I was once one of those JW girls and I'm not as dumb as a box of rocks...... wait, I guess that explains why I left the organization... Okay men carry on!


    earthtone,the knife cut`s both way`s..There are alot of good looking guys,whose IQ would have to double just so they could be stupid..Beauty fades,Dumb is forever..LOL!!...OUTLAW

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