Arrrrrg!!!!! Not again!!!!!!!

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  • anewme

    Elsewhere, 5 years ago I bought a leetle Honda Civic 4cyl. about the size of your mini cooper for about $800 bucks, cheap and the guy let me make payments. He warned me that the car was cursed. I said "so am I" (being freshly dfd) and laughed at the preposterous thought of a cute little car like that having a curse. I dont believe it. His mom assured me it was no joke that she had had 3 huge accidents in it. Well it was totaled and had a salvage slip. But it was sooooo cute!!! I thought it was no doubt the way she and he drove that caused the drama around the car.

    I drove the little scarab bug for two years. I am an excellent driver and very defensive on the road.
    However I noticed a great change in other drivers around my little yellow insect of a car.
    They seemed OUT TO GET ME!!!!! NO KIDDING! IT WAS WEEEEEEEEIRED!! I was a magnet for harrassment. A target.
    People did not like me in front of them EVER!!!! It was like there was a mocking sign on the back of the car or something "KICK ME I LOVE IT"
    That car brought out the worst in others. It got NO RESPECT!!! Now I was very attached to the little car, but at the first break down my new husband strongly suggested I should replace it with a bigger more respected car. His strong suggestions came in the form of no mechanical help from him to fix it.
    So that is when I bought the large sleek Maxima. I actually get BETTER MILEAGE FROM THE HUGE MAXIMA 6 CYL!
    So I have both protection, comfort, and savings.

    I never believed in the curse. But some cars dont get respect on the road and some do. Case in point: THE HUMMER GETS RESPECT AND FEAR.


    But the humble minis and bugs and old choking gardener's trucks and any older diesel sedan gets no respect on the road and actually attracts animosity from todays angry drivers.
    My opinion and observation.

    Sorry for your loss Elsewhere.


  • AlmostAtheist

    Sorry Man, you've been thru the wringer with this one!

    But from a practical standpoint, O' Cursed One, you do realize NOBODY on JWD is going to lend you their car, right? ;-)


  • Bryan

    Obviously, your little cooper is depressed and has taken to self-mutilation.

    Take it to the beach! A lake! Or perhaps a porno drive-in!


  • parakeet

    Maybe you can pay an elder to exorcise the demons from your car. ("The power of Jaracz compels you! The power of Jaracz compels you!")
    As long as he doesn't make the car drive itself over a cliff into the sea! Worth a try, maybe?

  • V

    MINI and Elsewhere: Having a smashing good time!

  • jayhawk1

    I had a car once that seemed to attract trouble. It was a 1986 Chrysler NewYorker. I loved that car. Nice ride...4 cylinder with the turbo. The car could move if needed and was cheap to drive. It even had pillow topped seating in it. That car was like driving a Lazyboy recliner. However, the car was involved in 3 wrecks, the last one finished the car off. The other 2, we got it fixed back to new condition.

    My dad had a 1991 Ranger that also attracted trouble. First it was hit at the Kingdom Hall by a car that came out of gear and rolled into it. Dad had it fixed and 2 days later a guy hit it while stopped at a local gas station. Dad sold the truck about a year after that. But then I went to a salvage yard about 4 years later and saw the same truck folded up in the front and rear. I know it was the same truck, because dad had a special order topper on it. It was aluminum with custom sliding windows that they don't normally put in an aluminum one, and it was painted to match the truck.

    Since those two cars, I have not seen a car that seemed to be cursed like them.

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