Our congregation is buzzing..................

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  • RR

    Well, you gotta hand it to the Society. This time they would be right. They haven't said anything. No dates no nothing. They simply are feeding the frenzy that te dubs have allowed.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Shades of 1975 and all that (although I wasn't a jw then).

    They are just stirring people up with this, trying to get the loyal ones to do more, give more etc, and scare the slackers back into action. With the wts haemorraging members almost every week, what else do we expect them to do? Worst thing is, it'll probably work with some.

  • dobbie

    if they are just saying there MAY not be conventions next year,etc it doesn't mean anything, its not like saying there definately won't be.Then if people get all excited about it but start grumbling when there is one nxt yr they could do a 1975 job on them all and call it people misinterpreting them.Why don't they stop doing this,they say only god knows when it will happen and that it will come as a thief in the night, so it wouldn't happen bfore the next dc because they'd b expectin it!Does that make sense?!

  • Finally-Free

    If there are no conventions next year it's because they are no longer the cash cow they used to be.


  • Crumpet
    It was said in the manchester DC in the UK if that helps

    maybe the mike went out when the speaker said the end of that sentence

    "May not be a DC in 2007 at Manchester" - the ground is being refurbed.

  • vitty


  • Elsewhere
    may not be a convention next year

    That's right... there MAY not be a convention.

    There MAY not be any rain next year.

    There MAY not be any new TV shows next year.

    There MAY not be any eggs available next year.

    There MAY not be any flights out of DFW next year.

    There MAY not be any donations made to the Watchtower Soceity next year.

  • candidlynuts

    i can recall several final talks at dc's where the speaker would get the audience in a frenzy about the prospect of THE END before next year.

    comments like " Brothers we dont know what the year ahead holds, maybe it holds the opportunity to hold a dc, maybe it holds a new beginning!!" (insert frantic applause here)

  • Seeker4

    Those comments are often made at DCs - usually as they are telling just what the plans are for the next year's convention.
    It sort of goes like this: "Next year's DCs, if Armageddon hasn't come first, will be in..."
    It's stupid to put any significance with such statements. I heard them 40 years ago! Along with all the "we're in the last hours/minutes/seconds [choose one] of this old system" statements.

  • Crumpet

    All the GB members speaking at the various conventions go on betfair beforehand to gamble at who can get the longest applause.

    This GB cowboy knew the best way to get a really long heartfelt applause was to suggest a cancellation of the DC next year!

    (Rapturous applause follows and GB Cowboy collects the winnings)

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