My dog has been shunned......

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  • Finally-Free

    I shun JWs. There is nothing they have that I want or need, and there is nothing to like about them. I stopped doing business with them many years before I left the cult because too many of them have a poor work ethic. Many act as though secular work is nothing more than a necessary evil. I remember being counselled once because I said in a conversation that I found my work interesting, and liked going to work.

    I wouldn't necessarily stop doing business with a company I liked, but I would make it clear to management that I didn't want to be served by a JW that was shunning me, or giving me poor service because of my religious choices. I would report the Petsmart employee to the store manager. Obviously she lacks the professionalism to separate her religious beliefs from customer service. Her choice of religion should not be your problem, or Petsmart's. She needs to have her ass fired out the door.

    Be prepared to have your family call looking for favours. The shunning often stops when they need money. Or they might tell you about an upcoming wedding in the family, so you'll feel obligated to send a gift, even though you won't be allowed to attend. Take the opportunity to remind them you have been disowned, and that disowning should work both ways, and not only for their convenience.


  • avengers

    Shunning a dog .

    And I thought it couldn't get any better .

  • jayhawk1

    For what it is worth, I think you did the right thing and took your business to another store. Even though the JW feels more uncomfortable than you ever will, I'm sure you would still feel uncomfortable. No reason to feel like that.

  • mama1119

    I agree with the majority here, report those A-holes. Makes me so mad, poor little puppy dog, oh, and you guys too :)

  • lovelylil


    My brother is a manager at Petsmart company. He says you should report her behavior to the District Manager. Tell him or her how you left her church and she wishes to shun you which is o.k. but that she totally embarrassed you about it in front of others when you went to petsmart for service for your dog. Then ask them if this is the kind of people they hire to work for them, the kind that discriminate against customers on the basis or religious belief? And then ask if you should take your dog elsewhere and inform all your friends to do the same?

    really, I would raise such a fuss if I was you. You did nothing wrong and while it would be one thing to be shunned in the KH, I for one totally REFUSE to allow people to shun me in public, at work or any place outside of the KH where their stupid rules mean not ONE IODA. But maybe thats just me, Lilly

  • DesertRat

    Talk about double standards!!! (always one of the most infuriating Org issues for me..).

    I might have countered in a low but very sarcastic tone of voice with something like, "Do your elders know that you & the girls wear patriotic jewelry?" Just who the hell does she think she is???

    I concur with the others here who have suggested that you bring this matter to the attention of their upper echelon--whether or not you decide to continue taking your business there. And writing about the incident might be helpful too.

    So sorry that you (& the pooch) had to go through this..


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Lucious,

    UNBELIEVABLE! They cannot compute love for Jehovah seperate from the organization! Hang in there!! We love ya!

    Your friend,

    Lady Liberty

  • juni

    Too bad you didn't teach Oscar to lift his leg on command!


  • bigmouth

    I understand how awkward things are now Lucious. I guess I would just take my hound-dawg elsewhere. But my passive-agressive side would have me continue to be a nuisance for them. I would be happy, chatty and make them squirm.
    As long as they make you play their game they will continue to have power over your life.

  • TresHappy

    I would report Petsmart's High Priestess of Priggery to management and get her a good reprimand.

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