My dog has been shunned......

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  • LuciousJ

    Ok, everyone, you know my story by now. We DA ourselves a week ago. My mom wrote me a letter Saturday disowning me. YADDA YADDA today......I call the local refuse company about an order I had placed on my account. Well, a JW works there and she & I used to be good friends. She answers, I pretend to be a regular customer (out of respect and not wanting to make HER feel uncomfortable). I tell her about my order and I'm just checking to see if they remembered........she knew it was me......she asked for my address. I tell her & she says "Hold on"......she NEVER CAME BACK TO THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I was pissed. So, I called back and got the general voice mail and left a message about it. She calls my house and leaves a long-winded 'professional' message saying she was 'sorry we got cut off' and wanted me to know that 'my order would be taken care of by 4pm" and she says "again this is NAME from Such & Such" and my number is *********. Talk about COVERING YOUR ASS!!!!!

    2nd incident happens RIGHT AFTER THIS ONE. I go to PetSmart Grooming to have my dog groomed & his toenails clipped. Well, a JW (another friend) works there and she ALWAYS does my dog's nails. I get there, she comes out of the back and talks to us all. She says hello to my son (addressing him by name) and he says "how do you know my name?" She says, "because you go to the KH silly", mind you we've been gone since December.....wouldn't she know that if she were regular? Anyway, he politely says "we don't go to the KH anymore!" (out of the mouths of babes.....) she looks at me and asks me if I've been DFD. I said no. I said but we have DA ourselves. She asks me why. I said for very long and personal reasons. She said.....IN FRONT OF MY KIDS & THE STAFF......"Well, I can't deal with you any longer." I'm like "deal with ME? You deal with my DOG and you're shunning my DOG???????" OMG I was so humiliated. Anyway, then she says "Well.....I will still cut his nails but I can only be on a business relationship basis with you." I said "perfectly understood." Whatever............I saw her a few months ago and both her daughters had on AMERICAN FLAG NECKLACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HYPOCRITE. So, needless to say, PetSmart Grooming has been DELETED from my cell phone address book and my dear Oscar will be going to a JW-FREE groomer.

    What an UNBELIEVABLE few days I've had.


  • katiekitten

    Well that really takes the biscuit (the dog biscuit!)

    How primitive of them. Stupid bl00dy pessies.

  • itsallgoodnow

    that's ridiculous. report it to her manager, make some trouble for her. why not?

  • poppers
    I saw her a few months ago and both her daughters had on AMERICAN FLAG NECKLACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HYPOCRITE.

    Gee, a well-placed call would have been nice. Sorry to hear about the low-class treatment she felt entitled to dish out to you and your dog. They deserve to lose your business.

  • Warlock

    Wrong move LJ.

    Now, you go there just to piss THEM off. You remember, they feel more awkward than you do.


  • SirNose586

    I would've made trouble for that B. All she heard you da'd yourself, all she had to do was nod and get to work. How unprofessional and rude...

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    You owe it to both these idiots to report them to their management - at the highest possible level - and explain that you are being subjected to religious discrimination by their employees and that this discrimination is going to have a negative effect on their business because you are going to tell people about it! Then tell your neighbors and write some letters to the local media.

    Really, you owe them this kindness.

  • LuciousJ

    Strange you should say that Warlock because now the more I've thought about it.....I've thought....why should I have to go somewhere else? I wasn't asked to leave. but in the back of my mind, I've thought....what if they mistreat my dog or he's neglected? I doubt it.....but, the thought is still there.

  • poppers

    I agree with Nathan here. Hit em where they'll notice it, in the pocketbook. Do everything you can to make people aware of how and why you were treated the way you were. No, you shouldn't have to go elsewhere for your dog grooming, but neither should you meekly submit to their snubs. They are running a business, and that is no way to do it. Make em pay for their behavior in a way that will really affect them.


    Report both of them to management. Simple as that. Tell management that you will no longer be patronize their businesses as long as this sort of unprofessional behavior exists. Also point out that while they have every right to shun you personally, they have no right to shun you while you are a customer. I would also DEMAND an personal apology from both of them. Nothing like watching a J-Dub eat some humble pie and crow.

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