I know I shouldn't let it but it gets right up my nose

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  • uriah


    When I am having a conversation with a family member who is a JW about the JW's and how I wasted the best years of my life following a cult, they come back with

    "Yes but being a JW saved you from STD's, Drugs..." and all the usual stuff JW's are supposed to be protected from.

    It seems to me that JW's think that they are the only people in the world who do the right thing and anyone else is up to their neck in crap, doing drugs and other unsplendid things and being a JW 'saved' me from these things as I am bound to have done them if I hadn't have been one.


    A disabled family member is all but ignored by the local dubs who put in an appearance now and then, usually when the CO visits. Kind hearted 'Worldly "ones" (tm)' do a lot for her. She tells the dub-a-calling about all the kind help that she gets from her 'worldly' friends. They say, 'Well, I am sure they are lovely people, but DO THEY LOVE JEHOVAH??' with that stupid head-nodding-slightly-askance-intake-of-breath knowing condemnation which means you shouldn't be associating with prospective bird-food.


    We faded some 5 years or more ago. Some ignore us some don't. They all seem to be surprised that we are warm and upright and have not been struck down by some hideous disease. We don't have hollow eyes with black circles or superating skin sores and no dogs are following us licking our open wounds that we don't have. Their mouths drop open and say 'oh you'er looking really well' (disappointed surprise). I say 'Yes, we'er doing really great, never been better - how are you doing?' The dubbies think we should be wailing and nashing our teeth. Pillocks!

    There. Now I feel much better.
    Thank you.

  • KW13

    i know exactly what ya mean, btw not seen ya around here before so hello

  • Seeker4


    Nice rant. Glad you feel better.

    Know the feeling. It's in the Witness mythology that only they have good families, and when anyone leaves their life becomes a living hell.

    That's why I try to look good, smiling, happy and content anytime I'm in public and might run into my old JW companions.

    Living well is the best revenge!


  • lovelylil


    I am sooooooo with you on this one! These things also really get my blood boiling. The couple who studied with me and my hubby used to say we were "Witnesses waiting to happen" because we did not smoke, drink, have stds, etc. and they couldn't believe what clean moral lives we were living without them!

    That was my first clue that all was not kosher in paradise. too bad I didn't listen to my gut on this. I know what you mean, they have to make excuses as to why some people who are not Witnesses or may be athiests even and yet they live good moral lives. They think ONLY they are superior and cleaner, etc. It is ridiculous as I knew of many who were down right leading immoral lives but hiding it as Witnesses.

    We had more than a few Witnesses die young of liver failure that was supposedly due to reasons other than heavy drinking when the whole congregation knew them as complete drunks. My hubby and I used to laugh when we read the deceased ones bio that say "so and so worked with chemicals that damaged their liver" all the while knowing they drank a 24 pack of beer daily and took several nighty - night shots to wash it all down. PLEASE! Lilly

  • uriah

    KW13 - thanks, and hello to you too. I have been around since 2001, just don't get to get on here very often.

  • Tigerman

    I was never a JW, however my x-wife became a JW and raised the kids in the ( so-called ) faith. When

    having a discussion with an old friend ( non-JW ) who knew my wife and our circumstances stated that ,

    " at least your kids didn' t get into drugs" . . . as if ALL kids who weren't JW's automatically became

    drug addicts of had other terrible habits. What's up with that goofy line of thinking ? People can be very

    narrow minded and extremely judgemental. It's as if all they need is a stereotype to follow. No wonder

    the world is a mess.

  • Seeker4

    I raised three kids as JWs. Two got into drugs, one seriously. My daughter, who is still a JW and was pretty much the perfect child, had several worldly girlfriends who were from great families, didn't do drugs, didn't get STDs and who were really terrific kids.

    It didn't take a genius to understand, as my wife and I did, that JWs were no better than anyone else, and in lots of cases, had a much worse family life than many a "worldly" family.


  • Tigerman

    Of course I'm being very judgmental when I call people judgmental and narrowminded.

  • jayhawk1

    The Presiding Overseer and another Elder came to my house once for a "shepherding call." I was a bad little bird and it was almost 3 months since I had been to a meeting. During the conversation I asked him why I was happier not going to meetings than I ever was faithfully attending and studying for meetings.

    His reply, "Well the temporary enjoyment of sin always seems happier than doing Jehovah's will."

    I said, "Doesn't Jehovah, being the happy god, want his people to be the happiest people on Earth?"

    PO's response, "Jehovah promises we will be happy in the new world."

    I just don't see how.

  • uriah

    You know what I like about this site is the fact that reading the posts you realise you are not the only one who:

    Played mind games during the meetings

    Stayed on a not-at-home for far too long

    Pretended to ring the door bell

    Invented hours

    Went on no-existant return visits

    Dumped magazines in the bin

    Hated d2d work

    Hated TMS talks

    Hated having to be different ALL the time

    Hated being compared (unfavourably) to the local uber-witness with his Herman Munster hair cut
    and who was a 'very mature brother' and 'a very spiritual brother', which, of course, I wasn't.

    You'd think I would have got it out of my system by now, but some days - and today is one of them - the bile
    just spills out and I feel really bitter and angry that I not only missed the boat on so many things but that I actually went down to the quayside, untied it and waved it good-bye with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

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