Are You Afraid That Armageddon Is Going To Come Since Leaving "The Truth"?

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  • Arthur

    Welcome tori !

  • oldflame

    Am I worried about it ? NO

    Do I still believe it is going to happen ? YES

    I have had a faith in the scriptures long before I ever even thought of being a JW. That faith still remains with me. Just not the way the society says it will or when.

  • Gill


    The Earth regularly suffers changes and cataclyms. Sooner or later an asteroid will hit. Sooner or later the poles will move and we're going to have a 'bit' of a flooding problem. Shit happens.

    Millions will die! Quite likely. (Not that I'm not sorry but.....) What can you do?

    One thing that is definitely the case is that it is not because God has decided to kill all non JWs!

    Maybe I'll die and maybe all my loved ones. I know that it isn't because I didn't go to meetings. It\s because this has been happening for millions of years and the human race is lucky in that it can adapt. Perhaps we'll be thrown back into the dark ages again, and have to start all over .... but we as a whole, the human race WILL go on because we are able to adapt, control our environment, (ie in putting on clothes to get warm, make shelter, take clothes off if we're hot) Animals can't do this.

    So....I'm not worrying. Not even a little bit!

  • Blueblades

    Not at all. The way things are going over in the middle east, Nuclear Warfare is not far behind. I would be more concerned about that outcome than Armageddon. My question is: Where is "The PRINCE of PEACE" to stop all this madness and hatred?


  • Twitch

    I had that fear for years after leaving.

    Gradually changed my opinion on the subject.

    I do not fear the JW version of it as they are so wrong about so many things. And have changed company policy so many times.

    I do fear what humans are capable of doing to themselves and each other. That realism is more scary to me than any ancient collection of historical texts.

  • minimus

    Great thread (if I should say so myself)......TORI, excellent first post and WELCOME!!!!

  • target


    Don't believe the scriptures that say it is coming either.


  • crazyblondeb

    I say, BRING IT ON!!

  • mama1119

    No, but I think my Dad still does, and my Brother for sure. I think sometime, something will have to change, but I don't thinmk its the wasy JW think, and Im sure they arent the only ones to make it through, despite what they want you to think

  • plmkrzy
    I've been through enough personal "armageddon's" in life, that I'm finally done with wasting energy doubting myself, my worth or my ability to survive.

    Amen to that SpazNik!

    I worried more about it when I was still a dub then I do now. That is just too much wasted energy not to mention depressing.

    welcome TORI

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