thinkin of goin back

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  • searching4truth

    i was df bout a year back and have since been enlightened by a life long friend. i am leaning toward returning anyway but mostly for familyand friends. i recognize the hypocrisy of this move but also don't feel that i should be subject to there authority and in my current state i am. in addition i would much preffer to leave at some future time due to an informed stand rather than be put out due to there standards of conduct. what are your opinions

  • Mysterious

    I don't think going back could possibly get you out from under their authority.

  • Arthur

    It's sort of like someone who was fired from Enron who wants to return to the company so that they can later quit.

  • moomanchu

    You were dfed a year back(still are dfed right?). You are thinking of returning so that you aren't under their authority?(being declared dfed and punished right?)

    Then you want to DA according to your standards?

    You will be right back where you started??

    have since been enlightened by a life long friend

    What does friend say?

    IMO don't go back

    sorry about friends and family

  • searching4truth

    not exactly i would just preffer to be known as not a witness because i dont want to be rather than i messed up and i think the influence they bare on suppressing my relationships even if its from the other side is still a form of authority

  • searching4truth

    my friend understands for my families sake thinks its a waste of time otherwise.

    and i don't intend on DA at this point just fading but if or when it comes to it i want my reasons to be known

  • delilah

    I think I know what you mean.....I've been Df'd, and reinstated, years ago, only because I wanted my family back. It is a long hard road, because you have to endure meeting after meeting, study all the books and WT's, and the elders have to see that you are honest-hearted. Sometimes hard to fake...but it can be done.

    I then faded, and yes, I have my family back,they constantly try to talk me into going back to the meetings etc., but any friends I thought I had, have all but disappeared. You find out quick, just who you're friends really are.

    Best of luck to you.

  • kazar


    I think I know what you mean. I also was df'd and tried reinstatement twice for the same reasons as you. Also, I was not completely free of the influence of their teachings. Despite my doubts I was so inculcated in their belief system it was hard to break away completely. I never thought I could ever break with them and be free. Eventually I did with the help of this board. So good luck to you in your endeavers. Just remember, you can always come back here--no questions asked.

  • delilah

    You said,

    "i don't intend on DA at this point just fading but if or when it comes to it i want my reasons to be known"

    Then you'll be in the same boat as you're in will talk to'll be dubbed as an apostate, which they regards as worse than pond scum. Think about it, life is short, make good use of it....

  • searching4truth

    understood but i dont intend to DA ever but if it comes to that they aren't gonna choose for me

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