Fluff a dub: Brushes with Fame?

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  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    I forgot about this one. I was at the U.S. Open with my Bethelite uncle and play was interrupted with a lengthy rain delay. My uncle curled up on the covered bleachers and went to sleep, so I went under the stands and hung out with the umpires outside the players' locker room. Vitas Gerulaitis asked me if I wanted to go muff diving with him and I said, "I don't know what that means, but okay!" He just laughed at me...now he's all dead. *insert sad face emoticon here*

  • lisavegas420

    My only claim to fame: (and I've posted it here before)

    Tony Danza was filling in for The Righteous Brother's when Bobby Hatfield died of a cocaine overdose.

    I picked Tony, his manager and the band up at the airport and dropped them back off that evening. Tony drinks Hienken in a bottle. I went and picked his beer up. I also took him to a pawn shop where he bought a horn of some kind.



  • GentlyFeral

    • My mother was a friend of Barnard Hughes. One day he and his wife had lunch with our family at Spenger's, in Berkeley CA.I was feeling hospitable, so on my own initiative – I was then about 11 or 12 – I brought along a bouquet of flowers to give to his wife, Jessica Tandy.

    • Holly Tannen and I have an Invisible Friend in common – but that's another American Pagan thing.

    • If you're an American Pagan, you might know Orion Foxwood; he and I are enrolled in the same folk-magic course, and we have spoken in person. He's lots of fun just to listen to, and funny as hell.

    • Oh, and how could I forget? Country Joe McDonald and Barry Melton used to work for my dad!

    gently feral

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