Fluff a dub: Brushes with Fame?

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  • Crumpet
    the CEO of Target, actually spoke to him, shook his hand, made him laugh

    and you made me laugh too Richie - not sure I can beat you for mediocre - but here we go! (BTW I doubt any AMericans will know any of these and I guarantee every Brit will!)

    Larry Grayson (of the Generation Game) opened a shop in the Arcade at Melton Mowbray and I got his autograph when I was 11 - he sung Nina, Nina Pretty Ballerina to me when I told him my name.

    Sean Maguire from Eastenders had his agent come and ask me if I wanted to "party" in his suite at a the Reno in Vegas

    Floella Benjamin came into the garage I worked at as did Gareth Hunt (Nescafe Coffee man and Actor from something like the Avengers) and Trev out of Trev and Simon childrens tv presenter and comedian. I spoke to Jason Connery - Sean's son - on the phone at same garage when his car was being repaired - they are all Volvo drivers!

    I got drunk two nights running with bestselling authors Mark Billingham, Simon Kernick and Richard Burke and Stella Duffy in Yorke at a writers festival where I also met Val McDermid and Karin Slaughter

    Nicky Campbell watchdog presenter and radio DJ for Radio 5 got on the same plane as me to Scotland.

    I saw what I thought was the famous TV chef Anthony Worrall Thompson recently recording some TV programe on Esher High Street and yelled out his name. Mr C grabbed my arm and swiftly moved me round the corner and hissed - "thats not Wozza that effin Gordon Ramsey!"

    And that's my lot I think!

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    The guy who played Trevor Cleaver in grangehill was at Crystal Palace Convention one year, I walked by him. And I've got the autograph of John Thaw who played Jack Reagan in the Sweeney and Inspector Morse.

    CS 101

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Pretty memorable for me was a nice Gal took a shine to me in about 2000/01 at the V festival in Essex.Just came and spoke to me in a field between bands.

    She was a cousin of Dougie from the band Travis (who were playing that year)and i went backstage with her for a bbq and views from the stage!Met the band before they went on.also met Super furry animals (welsh band)and Paul weller and Noel Gallagher.They were all very nice Chaps..just all seemed busy,busy.

    Pretty Girl and oh so worldly..sadly i was still very much JW then so didnt even give her my real number.What a plonker eh

    That was my tenuous link with fame lol.

  • Crumpet
    And I've got the autograph of John Thaw who played Jack Reagan in the Sweeney and Inspector Morse.

    I adored John Thaw as Morse - my ideal man and have done since I was 13! You must show me it next time we meet up!

  • lowden

    Ok here goes (could blow my cover though)

    My brother was the British light middle weight boxing champion and his son (me nephew) is currently the World WBU featherweight champ. Trains with Amir Khan. Famous enough?


  • whyamihere

    I have a embarrassing story to tell..........*sighs*

    I was in Chicago(downtown), I went to a restaurant that was one my Grandfathers favorite restaurants. I actually took Buttlight there. Anyway, I was a little tipsy(go figure right?) as we were being seated. I accidentally fell upon Keanu Reeves. I apologized and we all laughed about it, then one of his PR(s) or friends asked if I would like a autograph. I am sure they thought I did it on purpose and that was my way of running into him. I took off my sun glasses, look right into his face and said "No, its Keanu Reeves!" I thought they were all going to die laughing. I didn't know who it was until I took off my sun glasses.

  • lovelylil


    It sounds like little Italy doesn't it? But no. My family mostly lived in Italian american sections of town but not Little Italy.

    Danza is from Brooklyn (East NY section), this is the place I lived from birth until I was 13. Then we moved to Queens NY. The Stallones lived in Queens (Rockaway section), Baios lived in Queens (Ridgewood section) and Macchios lived in Long Island.

    De Niro is from same Brooklyn NY section as Danza but is older than him. Some other famous people who my dad personally knew and talked about a lot: Henry Hill who the movie goodfellas was written about. John Gotti - we went to a big 4th of July block party he threw once in his Queens nieghborhood. The Marx brothers - my dad met them when he was a young boy and before they were famous. He showed me the house they lived in which was only three houses away from his boyhood home in Brooklyn. De Niro was the one my dad liked best. They rode bikes together as young boys along with my dad's little brother Charlie.

  • lonelysheep

    Crumpet, this is an interesting thread. Thanks for starting it! xo

    Lovelylil--You met all the (main) hot Italian guys from the 80's!!

  • Brigid

    My ex-sister-in-law (who I still adore!) is a plastic surgeon. She pierced Oprah Winfrey's ears on national television. Only Oprah would hire a plastic surgeon to pierce her ears.


  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    I've been debating about whether to respond to this or not, but what the hell... I was a bit of a musician/baseball groupie when I led a double life as a teenager. It would probably be easier to name teams and bands than individuals. ;-)

    Actually, I don't think I'll name any at all - I just want to say I love the 1986 or '87 Minnesota Twins (can't remember exactly now), especially Mickey Hatcher. Still haven't figured out how I managed to stay a virgin until I got married.

    Celebrity sightings: Janeane Garofalo walking down 6th Ave. in NYC
    Jacquelyn Bissett wearing a long, flowing white dress and riding a Moped through Soho in the '80s.
    Ian McKellen with his superfine boy-toy in a restaurant in New Orleans on St. Patrick's Day.
    And another great St. Patrick's Day way back when: I got hit on by Randy White from the Dallas Cowboys in a Bennigans. (LOL)

    Oh, and I gave a ride to Larry Mullins' (sp?) (drummer for U2) brother once, also in the '80s. He was stranded at the Dallas airport because the limo didn't pick him up, so my girlfriend and I gave him a ride to his hotel. He invited us up to meet the band (yes, THE band), but we were in full-on JW guilt mode and said no. I can't believe we said no. So damn close...

    Fun thread, Miss C. You've brought back some fond memories today.

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